Beauty Edit: Sephora x JCPenney with Urban Decay

“Every woman in this world wears a little sparkle, some in their dress, and some in their eyes.”

-Shala Khan

The end of year holidays are my favourite time of the year without a doubt! I love all the sparkle and shine, and the cold weather that is perfect for layering all your fashion favs at once! I love having moved to Washington State with all the fir trees and snowy mountains.

However, at times our location can seem very remote, especially when shopping- the local mall is tiny. I mean super duper tiny; it’s kinda sad. What’s not sad though is how pretty much every small town has a local JCPenney, which means Sephora and what beauty gal doesn’t love Sephora? I’m SO glad that JCPenney has partnered with them to bring some of the best makeup brands to even remote parts our country.

Sephora inside JCPenney and Urban Decay.

If you haven’t tried Urban Decay you are totally missing out! It is everything you need: whether you’re a makeup dabbler or a pro! I’ve tried almost every product Urban Decay sells and each one has gone above and beyond my expectations. It’s smudge proof, oil and sweatproof, has amazing colour payoff and is affordable. Their best product, in my opinion, is the Primer Potion– it’ll keep your eyeshadow and liner perfect through anything. I have super oily skin and the potion keeps everything right where it’s supposed to be. (I’ve talked about it many times in previous Beauty Edits!)

I am totally in love with this sparkly 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner and deep rosy Vice Lipstick for all my holiday looks! The colours are vibrant and the sparkles stay put without ending up alllllll over your face and everything else you own. As for the lippie, it’s smooth and creamy and stays put throughout your evening. The fact that you get a lipstick and a liner that match perfectly from Sephora inside JCPenney is always the best!

The new Urban Decay Distortion Eyeshadow Palette is more than just your regular palette. It has 10 shades (9 new ones!!!!) and 5 “transformer” shades that can be layered over any other the other colours to create infinite makeup looks. If you LOVE playing with makeup like I do this palette is perfect for you. Head on over to Basking in Burgundy’s Instagram page to win your very own compliments of Sephora inside JCPenney and Urban Decay.

Do you have a fav beauty brand? Have you ever hit up a Sephora x JCPenny? Are you equally as excited about the holidays?

I want to know it all!

This post was written in collaboration with Sephora inside JCPenney. #SephoraInJCP #SoWorthIt

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PS: Don’t you love this sparkly tank and turtleneck combo? Best part- no worrying about bra straps! Check out this post for my turtleneck layering tips.

Bridging the Gap: Life Lessons

“You are never too old to be what you might have been.”

George Eliot

When asked to join the Bridging the Gap Campaign, I was initially hesitant. However, when Catherine, of CatherineGraceO, reached out to me with more info about how the campaign was pairing together millennials and midlifers in a unique way that had the potential to impact many I knew I had to be part of it. I’ve have spent the past few weeks connecting with my Bridging the Gap partner and can’t wait to tell you more about:

Nina of Sharing a Journey.

Nina of Sharing a Journey

This is one of the first pictures of Nina that I saw! I was instantly drawn to the free spirit of her smile and how she unabashedly breaks traditional style rules for midlifers by wearing fresh trends like this gorgeous off the shoulder top. Her style is chic and classic while incorporating fun spins through patterns and colors. The woman beneath the clothes is one of the most impressive and fearless women I have met! She has met life head on and whether working in the corporate world, serving in public office or starting her own business Nina has always put one thing first- her daughter. Nina is a proud mum and driven women- a perfect merger I hope to be able to imitate someday.

The woman beneath the clothes is one of the most impressive and fearless women I have had the privilege of speaking with! She has met life head on and whether working in the corporate world, serving in public office or starting her own business Nina has always put one thing first- her daughter. Nina is a proud mum and driven women- a perfect merger I hope to be able to imitate someday.

Through our time talking together, we found three main life points we felt remained unchanged as one moves through life. Nina put it best when she said, “Start with what you have and you’ll keep getting better.”

Life Lessons: From Your 20s To Your 100s


1: Some things never change.

Nina and I have audiences that differ in age, yet both are looking for the same things: to feel beautiful, be part of a community and to find their purpose in life. Just because we hit a certain number doesn’t mean we have suddenly figured everything out! Life is a constantly changing journey- perfection doesn’t come with age but experience does.

2: Life always presents the next step. 

Many times we feel lost or unsure of what we are supposed to be doing. As a millennial, I feel overwhelmed by societal stress and making big decisions about family and career; as a midlifer, Nina was able to emphasize letting that stress go because life will continually move forward and the opportunities will present themselves.

3: Listen.

The best way to learn is to listen. It’s SO important to not only listen to those with more experience than you but also to quiet your mind and listen to your heart. Nina listened to hers by choosing to leave a high paced career to raise her daughter- a decision that she says is the best she ever made.

Lastly, I want to leave with you some poignant advice Nina passed on to me:

“Enjoy and savor your life as it is today. Yesterday has already happened and tomorrow has not yet come. When we look too far forward or dwell in the past, we miss all the beauty of life’s unfolding before us.

Life has wonderful phases, being single, being in a relationship, having a family, and an empty nest. Each has certain joys, sorrows, and responsibilities–some things gained, others sacrificed–try not to rush ahead.

If you are present for your life, moment to moment, you will have fewer regrets, less anxiety, less anger and make far fewer “mistakes”. You’ll see that your power is in the present–that’s where thoughts form ideas, actions, and direction in life.”
Now that you’ve met my partner in the Bridging the Gap campaign,
head on over to Sharing a Journey to learn a little bit more about me. 
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3 Tips on How to Layer for Fall


-Alexander Wang

How to Layer for Fall x Basking in Burgundy

I’m sure upon looking at these pictures you’re wondering why they are labeled how to layer for fall. Sure, upon first glance this looks like just another floral dress….

How to Layer for Fall x Basking in Burgundy

The secret to this ready for cooler weather look is:

How to Layer for Fall x Basking in Burgundy

A simple turtleneck is all you need to take any look from summer to fall! It’s the perfect item to add to your closet to maximize the amount of wear you can get out of any look! Read on for three ways to incorporate this piece into your fall look:

How to Layer for Fall x Basking in Burgundy

1: Put it under a dress!

This works on so many levels! For my look the black turtleneck simply makes the strapless dress look like a long sleeved one. This trick works under a short sleeve or tank top dress as well- just choose a complimentary colour turtleneck! For this trick, chose a thinner turtleneck that won’t be bulky under the dress.

How to Layer for Fall x Basking in Burgundy

2: Put it over a dress!

A turtleneck works equally as well over a dress! You can essentially double your wardrobe by turning all your dresses into skirts! A heavier knit turtleneck works better for this how to layer for fall trick, as it won’t show the line of the dress beneath it.

How to Layer for Fall x Basking in Burgundy

3: Layer it with your fav summer top!

Similar to how a turtleneck layers under a dress, you can put one under your fav summer tank and swap your wedges for otk boots for a look that is fall ready!

If your take aways anything from this post it’s how incredibly versatile a turtleneck is- over, under, or on its own it’s the perfect how to layer for fall piece!

What’s your favourite way to transition your wardrobe for fall?

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Beauty Edit: Best Amazon Beauty Buys

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that.

Word of mouth is very powerful.”

Jeff Bezos

Hi, my name is Kait Elizabeth and I am a self-proclaimed Amazon addict.

I’ve been a Prime member since the company launched the membership program and it definitely pays for itself every month! FYI, an Amazon Prime membership is so much more than free two-day shipping. I use their music streaming service daily, often watch movies or shows via the site and LOVE using Amazon pantry to have groceries delivered right to my door. (One step closer to my goal of living in my pjs and never leaving the house…..)

Is Amazon your jam too?

Obviously, they sell everything under the sun which can make it difficult to sift through everything to find the winners. So for this Beauty Edit, I’m going to share five of the products I ordered from Amazon and have used in the past week!

Best Amazon Beauty Buys
Best Amazon Beauty Buys

1: AuraCacia Lavender Oil

Lavender is traditionally used for its calming effects. This oil is strong without being overwhelming! I love using it on my pillow at night or in my bath to relax.

2: Baby Foot

This product made it’s round last year as the big new thing in the pedicure world. I was hesitant at first to believe the results could be so good. Let me tell you though that this product works as claimed! Be prepared to wear socks for a while because your feet will be a flakey mess- but then you’ll have perfectly smooth Baby Feet!

3: Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Hydro-gel Mask

This mask is less than $10 and will help heal all the damage summer dealt to your skin! It’s super hydrating and leaves you feeling refreshed.

4: Lucas Paw Paw Ointment

This product has a cult following across the globe. It’s uber moisturizing and can completely change your lips overnight! I’ve posted about it before but love it so much I had to add it to my best Amazon beauty buys.

5: Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Hyaluronic Essence

Have you ever tried the Lumene brand? It’s the The products are jam packed with vitamin c and are super gentle and brightening! I use their vitamin c serum and eye creme but just recently added the essence to my routine and my skin couldn’t be happier! Honestly, I’d compare it to the Ole Henrikson line!

What are your best Amazon beauty buys? I’ve love to hear what you use your Prime membership for!

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Stuff is Happening: What the news around the world?

“A person who won’t read

has no advantage

over one who can’t read.”

-Mark Twain

I read a lot of blogs, like a lot of blogs- and news sites.

They aren’t all fashion and beauty related. I love reading blogs about technology (iPhone 8/X/finallyAppleisupdatingthedarnthingyall), politics, cooking, pop culture, classic literature, language and everything in between! Btw if you need any #newread suggestions I have your back.

Across all the blogs I read though, some of my favourite posts are round-up post! I know I just did one about my summer and Instagram, but there is SO much news around the world that I couldn’t stop myself from posting a general round up too. Let’s check out the news around the world together!

1: First stop: HOUSTON.

News Around the World x Basking in Burgundy

Getty Images via BBC News

I can not express how heart breaking the news coming out of Houston is. There are SO many people in need, who have lost EVERYTHING. I’m not even going to ask if you can imagine- because we can’t. There is something we can do- give. Give from what we are #blessed with to those who are in need. There are so many ways to give but here’s my favourite (their CEO doesn’t make millions and they don’t just minister to the physical, but also to the spiritual):

The Salvation Army

I know across America people are struggling. Being able to give $1 might not seem like a lot. $1 multiplied by dozens of people though adds up quickly. Will you be part of that? Money aside the BEST thing you can do in this situation is:

“Pray without ceasing.” 1 Thess. 5:17

2: On the lighter side: Let’s talk Taylor Swift.

News Around the World x Basking in Burgundy

Image: Photos by Class

Ugh. If you know me, you know I’ve never been a fan. Personally, it’s cause she claimed to be “country” but my “country” isn’t this diluted poppy stuff that I feel really started with her. Hey, everyone has their personal preference! In case you haven’t been online at all: Taylor Swift released a new song. People have a lot of feelings about this:

Taylor Swift is a snake.

Taylor Swift is mocking Kim Kardashian.

Taylor Swift’s new song is inspiring conspiracy theorists.

I’ll be honest. The new song is catchy- as catchy as “I‘m Too Sexy for My Shirt.”  (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself on that one.) On the Kim K. thing: bullying is never cool- even if it’s hypothetical, and this does look probable. Everyone has an image that they portray- famous people above all. Taylor, you do you babe, you do you.

3: Back to the serious: North Korea.

News Around the World x Basking in Burgundy

Image: Google Maps

This blog is NOT about politics, nor am I about to make it. This is world news craziness though! North Korea has fired missiles over Japan– a US ally. If you don’t think this is news, check again. You definitely want to keep your eye on this one!

4: BONUS: Anna Wintour

This didn’t happen this week; it’s Anna Wintour though and she’s timeless. (Plus you need an upper after some of the above and I have to do something about style.) Have you watched her answer 73 questions with Vogue? No? Click that link!

What news around the world are you following this week?

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