A Leesa Mail Day Means a Better Night

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the

best cures in the doctor’s book.”

-Irish Proverb

Most of us know that the average adult needs eight to nine hours of sleep a night. Did you know that according to the American Sleep Foundation the average American adult gets less than six hours a night? All of those numbers added up to mean that we spend about a third of our lives in bed- and that doesn’t include all the time spent Nextflix and chilling there! That’s way too much time to spend with a sub par mattress.

Enter the Leesa mattress!

Leesa Mattess x Basking in Burgundy

1: Why do I need a new mattress?

“You’re rolling around in and inhaling all kinds of nasty particles — including allergy-causing dust mites, fungal spores, bacteria, plasticisers, flame retardants, and human skin cells — 8 hours a day, 365 days a year.” (Business Insider)

If you’ve had your mattress for a couple years it’s time to consider a CLEAN upgrade.

2: Where do I find a new mattress?

You could get in your car, drive to the store and get pushed around by a salesman as you lay on dozens of mattresses that dozens of others have laid on. (Refer back to #1.) OR. You could hop on your computer and order a Leesa mattress right to your door! It’s fantastic to not even have to get out of your pjs and there is a 100-night risk-free trial- love it or send it back. You won’t want to send it back. I wanted to have a Sleeping Beauty moment with mine and just sleep for foreverrrrrr on it. My husband was totally freaked by a mail order mattress but he is equally obsessed with it. Plus the set up was so simple and fun!

Leese Mattress x Basking in Burgundy

Leese Mattress x Basking in Burgundy

3: Why Leesa vs any other mattress company?

The Lessa mattress is made with 2″ of cooling Avena foam on the top, a middle layer of 2″ memory foam and a base of 6″ dense core support foam. Guess what? It’s all made and assembled in the good ol’ USA! Additionally, for every ten mattresses they sell, they donate one to a shelter. I love a company that gives back!

Leese Mattress x Basking in Burgundy

Have you tried a mail order mattress or do you have one of these amazing Leesa pieces? I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks again to Leesa for making my military move so much easier! We appreciated being greeted by a mattress at our new home.

It made all the difference while waiting for our household good to be delivered.

BTW Leesa is offering $100 off the purchase of any mattress just for you! So if you’re officially grossed out by how icky your current mattress is, now is the time to get your Leesa mattress custom made and shipped right to your door.

Click here to automatically apply your coupon code!

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Full Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Leesa but all ideas, thoughts, and opinions are 110% my own! As always.



Beauty Reboot: 90s to 2010’s

“Don’t ruin a good day today thinking about a bad day yesterday.”


Fashion and beauty trends tend to go in an ever revolving circle. Here today, gone tomorrow and back the next! Let’s be honest, sometimes they are so bad we’re really happy when they go away and roll our eyes when they return. Other times we turn a trend into our personal style and cry when we can longer find it in the store! For these three beauty trends, they died down and came back new and improved. Let’s check out the 2017 recreations of some past trends:

1: Lipgloss

Basking in Burgundy: Beauty Reboot

Remember lipgloss in the 90s? Beauty gurus everywhere wouldn’t leave the house without a lip that was shiny and sticky or shiny and frosty! You probably had a drawer full of Lipsmackers (my fav was the clear strawberry one!) and Juicy Tubes. The wet look wasn’t practical- the sticky level was off the chart, your mouth could catch more flies than your windshield! The new lipgloss formulations are shiny and majorly moisturizing. They leave lips feeling luscious without your hair sticking to every square. If you loved your gloss back in the day, you need to try the 2017 update.

 My Fav New Glosses

2: The Metallic Eye

Basking in Burgundy: Beauty Reboot

The metallic eye of yesterday went from lash to brow. It’s not a surprise the blindingly pewter look didn’t go past a crazy night out and quickly died away! Do you remember the Bonnie Bell eye creams? If only primers existed to keep all the metallic goodness from sliding into the crease…. Today’s metallic eye stays put and compliments your eye colour- like this bronze and blue combo. This trend is back and ready to leave the strobe club lights behind and see the fresh air by day!

My Fav New Metallics

3: Press On Nails

Basking in Burgundy: Beauty Reboot

Do you remember the first time you convinced your parents to let you do fake nails? I was 9ish and was convinced press on nails would make me look so grown up- like a teenager! I picked out a yellow pair to match my favourite one size fits all yellow top with a daisy pin (totally Lizzie Mcquire inspired!). The rest of the weekend was spent constantly finding and trying to reattach the nails. Ugh. Definitely not the Hilary Duff nails I had dreamed of.

A while ago I saw my sister who had the most gorgeous manicured fingernails and I couldn’t believe it when she told me they were press on! Needless to say, I hopped right on over to Target to get myself a pair (I got out of Target for under $50 that day!). Upon application, I couldn’t even tell they were there, except for how amazing my nails looked. The new press on nails last through showers and dishes, can opening and don’t bubble off your nail! If you’re looking to shake up your manicure look I highly recommend trying out a pair.

The New Press on Nail

I’d love to hear your experiences with these trends or your favourite 90s trend!

Any #beautyfails or plain old #lols?

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Top 3 Ways to Shake Up Your All Black Wardrobe

“Wearing black is a lifestyle.”


Basking in Burgundy

(Disclaimer: This picture is not technically questioning my wardrobe choices, but rather we go caught by rain in the middle of our shoot!)

I swear my wardrobe has every color in the rainbow- except yellow or orange (they make me look like I have jaundice)! However, the only items I find myself wearing are the neutral pieces, especially the black ones. I greatly annoy family and friends when shopping because my catch phrase is:

“I love it. If it was black…..”

My blogging bestie Shell, from A Courageous Beauty, got to listen to that saying a million times while we traipse around Target last weekend! There is just something go to about my dark pieces. They always feel fresh and they always work together- especially when paired with another neutral, like denim. I thought I’d share today the top 3 ways to update the black pieces in your wardrobe and shake up your neutral look!

Basking in Burgundy Style

1: Look to the modern neutrals.

Black, white, gray, khaki. You grew up knowing these as neutral tones. However, for a modern feel look to denim, snakeskin, and olive as neutrals too!

Changing your definition of neutral will push your style to the next level.

Basking in Burgundy Style

2: Texture is key.

The best way to get away with all black everything is to add multiple textures to keep the look from falling flat!

Think lace, leather, denim (both a colour and texture), faux fur, silk.

Basking in Burgundy Style

3: Wear what you truly love.

I could give you all the tips and suggestions in the world! If you don’t absolutely love and feel confident in the piece though, no amount of “advice” will change that.

If you don’t absolutely love and feel confident in the piece though, no amount of “advice” will change that.

If black isn’t your thing, apply #1 and #2 to anything you wear! They are tips that will make your style more refined and give it that je na sais quoi that we all are looking for!

Do you have a go to color? I’d love to hear why it’s your go to! BTW I FINALLY found an amazinggggg dupe of my favorite Rebecca Minkoff tote that is always on my page. Yay! Enjoy your short week babes.

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Beauty Edit: Sunscreen Without the Ew

Beauty Edit: Sunscreen

By now, knowing you should wear sunscreen- not just while you’re in the sun but even when basking in the moon’s rays- has been told to you a million and one ways. I get it! Melanoma is scary and dangerous. On the other hand though, don’t you just HATE how sunscreen feels on your skin? I do. So much. I hate it to the point the benefits of wearing it disappear from my mind as I think of the chemical pore clogging formula that will leave me slicker than a slip and slide!

Fortunately, the world of sunscreen has come a long way from my days as running around as the Coppertone baby- sliding right out of my ever-watchful parent’s hands and glowing a shiny white color. I’m sharing four products that I feel are effective while leaving your skin non-slippery, stinky and your pores empty!

1: Alba Botanica Very Emollient Sunscreen

The word emollient gets me every time! According to dictionary.com, emollient means, “having the power of softening or relaxing.” Add in some spf and pure lavender scent and you have a winner! The scent is not overwhelming, just soft and pleasant and no slip and slide to be found upon application! 

2: Supergood Everyday Sunscreen

This product has powerful UV protection that is perfect for daily wear under your makeup. It won’t make you break out or your boss ask who’s going to the beach cause of a strong sunscreen scent. Just make sure to put some on the back of your hand’s so they stay young forever like your un-sun damaged face! (They are always the giveaway….)

3: No-Ad 

I had to throw this one in for the men. My hubby hates “fancy” sunscreen and wants the cheapest most effective products. Enter: No-Ad, they don’t do any advertising so their costs stay low which they then pass on to the customers. This is the most classic formula you can find, but it doesn’t leave behind white streaks. The scent is NOT overbearing- definitely, husband approved.

4: Australian Gold Lotion with Kona Bronzers

I saved my favourite for last! I have been using this product for YEARS now. If you want something with coconutty goodness that isn’t overpowering this is the sunscreen for you! The formula feels light, gives a slight bronze glow, makes you smell like a tropical goddess and keeps the evil sun rays at bay. I highly recommend any product from the Australian Gold line- you really can’t go wrong! Plus, I can use it on my face with no breakouts- LOVE.

What’s your go-to product to beat the aging power of the sun? Let me know which new ones I need to try!

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PS: If you need some summer makeup ideas to wear over your new favourite sunscreen be sure to check out my post: Waterproof x Sweatproof!

Carrie Fisher, Losing So Much More Than a Princess

“You have your moments, not many of them but you have them.”

-Princess Leia

Princess Leia via Google. Losing More Than a Princess- Carrie Fisher and Mental Health.

My Princess is gone.

As a self-professed Star Wars junkie, I felt a disturbance in the force when I heard Carrie Fisher passed away. As someone who has mental health struggles, my heart was broken that such a fierce advocate for mental health was lost.

To honor her memory, I want to be open with my mental health diagnosis in the hope that maybe it will help you to understand what a loved one is going through, or to let you know you’re not alone.

“I am mentally ill. I can say that. I am not ashamed of that.

I survived that, I’m still surviving it, bring it on.”

-Carrie Fisher


I grew up in a household well familiar with depression in a time that mental health was not a common topic- both my mother and grandmother have dealt with it for years. So when I was diagnosed with chronic depression it was not surprising, what was surprising was the crippling anxiety that accompanied it, as well as the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder. I’ve been on several medications good and bad over the years, I’ve also had periods of non-medication. Either way, mental health is always on my mind.

Princess Leia via Google. Losing More Than a Princess- Carrie Fisher and Mental Health.

Image via Majo Clinic

Let’s talk about depression.


There are two different main types of depression:

1: Situational: Everyone gets sad at some point, it’s totally normal. Losing someone, a tough semester, a rough time at work can all take you to a depressed state. Therapy can be very beneficial.

2: Chemical: This is depression you cannot help and is normally hereditary. There is a chemical imbalance in your brain that makes it impossible to “snap out” of a depressed stage. Medication is needed to rebalance the chemicals in the brain.

I deal with chemical depression- like Carrie Fisher dealt with chemical imbalances that led to bipolar disorder. It’s something that makes it impossible to get out of bed some days, something that makes me shut down to the world from time to time, something that has made me try giving everything up and end it all.

Having a hero like Carrie Fisher speak out about mental health showed me everyone has their demons. She showed me to embrace it and find therapies and medications that help, to not be ashamed but to speak out in order to help others.

“We have been given a challenging illness, and there is no other option than to meet those challenges.

Think of it as an opportunity to be heroic—not ‘I survived living in Mosul during an attack’ heroic, but an emotional survival.

An opportunity to be a good example to others who might share our disorder.”

-Carrie Fisher

3 Depression Fighters:


DO NOT be afraid to say you need help! Therapy is not for failures. Therapy is beneficial and can be short or long term. Sometimes you just need a confidential talk to sort through things, sometimes you need someone to give you better coping methods.


Taking medication is NOT giving up. It’s realizing the issue is something completely out of your control! Just like you would take medicine for high cholesterol or chronic migraines taking medicine for serotonin imbalances is totally normal.


NEVER underestimate what taking a moment for you outside in the sun will do. Go for walk, if that even sounds like too much just lay down in your front yard and be.

3 Things to NOT Say to Someone With Depression:


This is never ok to say to someone who is dealing with something internally.

“I was sad once.”

Everyone gets sad- being sad and unable to cope with life to the point of self-harm is different. No joke: I once had someone compare my sadness about losing my dad, to when they lost their dog. NOT COOL.

Saying anything to make them feel like they aren’t good enough.

Saying “you just need to be stronger” is not going to solve anything.

Instead of saying any of these, just let them you are THERE. Even if that means doing nothing and sitting together in total darkness! 

So thank you, Carrie, for the deep thrills of leaps to light speed and being a princess that was more than dresses and castles.

Thank you for being unafraid to embrace who you were in your innermost soul and allowing so many others to do the same.