5 or 6 Sizes Too Small

I’m not talking about those times you order a dress from a Chinese wholesaler and it’s made for a child, not a full grown woman- I’m talking about pant pockets. Do you remember in the early 2000’s when the smaller the phone the cooler it was.

Pockets on pants were pretty big compared to these tiny bits of technology.

Welcome the new Iphone 6, and greetings to the Galaxy 5.

Guys these phones are big, like 70’s bell bottoms couldn’t hide these babies. The only problem with these awesome megotron phones, is that pockets haven’t grown with them. Ladies we can barely fit our hands in our pant pockets, much less these beasts!

And now another loop has been thrown our way with the seasons new mini bags:

As much as I love Rebecca Minkoff and her cross bodies, I think there is only one solution to these growing phones and shrinking pockets/purses! Of course, Sarah Jessica Parker premiered the fashion backward yet forward trend.

Chic and big enough to carry the highest number phone you can find.

-Kait Elizabeth

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