Buy the Dusty Shoes

You know how everybody wears the same five items from the same five stores? Don’t pretend you haven’t had it happen to you. You find a piece you think is unique, then a week after you get it the fashion blogoverse is blowing up with that super unique piece. I found the solution.

Buy the dusty shoes.

Let me elaborate. Let’s say you walk into Zara. Look for the shoes that are still available in every size and are gathering dust. It’s that simple. No one else is interested in them. They are being rejected by every other shopper. Run to them. Embrace them. Rock the shit out of them. 


That’s how these disco elf flats came into my life- from a lonely dusty Zara shelf in Budapest. Everyone thought I was crazy (I probably am, but not for wearing these shoes!). I guarantee I haven’t seen anyone else rocking them.

IMG_19235075700942 (1)

Still trying to figure out this tiny purse thing. Sigh. Maybe someday I’ll be cool enough to carry one and not stuff my pockets at the same time.





I have to mention these plastic Disney princess rings from the little girls dress up section are my favorite accessories ever. Talk about unique! Or maybe just immature….. either way they make me happy and that’s all that matters when you’re getting dressed!

Jacket: Zara, similar (not real leather like the Zara, but close in style!)

Bouse: Nordstrom, similar (not button up, but just as versatile!)

Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger

Shoes: Zara, similar (cause obviously they were dust catchers….)

Purse: Old, similar (well, at least blue….)

-Kait Elizabeth


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