Bye Bye Boogeyman

End of summer means the end of a lot of things: like farmer’s markers ( why don’t they just go all year????), and ummm I can’t think of anything else. You can still go outside. You can still love. You can still rock on. Just in a sweater and long johns.

For me personally, the change in seasons always means a change in hair color. I get the worst hankering to change it up- not a gradual desire, and all around it has to be changed NOW.

This season change it meant the end of my ends. You can only be bottle blonde for so long before they look a little shaggy. Honestly, I took some pics for the blog this weekend and got wayyyyy too vain to share them after freaking out over the state of my locks.

It didn’t take long to color it and cut it off. Are you one of those people who hate getting any length cut off? I just say let it gooooo (wait, we’re past that?), seriously cut more. Anyways sometime later…..


It went all caramelly chocolatey goodness. Why do beauty products always have such delectable sounding names? I don’t want to put that on me- I want/need to eat it!!!


Also it is hella softer now- I think she put a jar of mayonnaise and a dozen eggs in it. Not really, but aren’t those supposed to be the most moisturizing for your hair?


So vain freakout moment assuaged. I really like it. I can’t wait to style some new fall looks with it to share!

-Kait Elizabeth

PS: It’ll never look this good again cause I don’t have the patience or the arm strength to blow dry it.

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