Inspirational Quotes : Volume #5

This first quote is one that struck home with me. I’m the person who can manage to fall up the stairs….. I’m also the person who can hold on to the past. Day by day I learn to move forward- and watch my foot placement!

Inspirational Quotes : Volume #4

Life always has ups and downs. The important thing is to take each day as it comes! Cheers to the week ahead and love and hugs to you.

Happening Now: Kate Middleton, KKW, Target and the Superbowl

Let’s be honest, the big news story of the week wasn’t that North and South Korean women are playing on the same hockey team for the Olympics. The news item heard round the world was Kylie Jenner giving birth. Here are a couple other news…

Inspirational Quotes : Volume #3

My favourite from this week’s set of inspirational quotes is: “The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer up someone else.” -Mark Twain Which one do you relate to the most?  

This Season : Living With Intention

I’m not a New Year’s resolution person- I have never been. I have realized recently though, that if I want to accomplish anything in my life I need to start setting goals and milestones to get there. The media always talks about the “word of…

Inspirational Quotes : Volume #2

Random fact: I change my phone background every week based upon what I need help with that week. Seeing an inspirational quote every time I look at my phone can make a HUGE difference every time I peek at it. What is your phone background?

Happening Now: Empowerment, Bitcoin, Marijuana, and Ulta

I love following what’s happening now. Politics, science, pop culture, media, shopping, decor, music, anything and everything! Here are some of the top stories I’ve read about recently.