Beauty Reboot: 90s to 2010’s

“Don’t ruin a good day today thinking about a bad day yesterday.”


Fashion and beauty trends tend to go in an ever revolving circle. Here today, gone tomorrow and back the next! Let’s be honest, sometimes they are so bad we’re really happy when they go away and roll our eyes when they return. Other times we turn a trend into our personal style and cry when we can longer find it in the store! For these three beauty trends, they died down and came back new and improved. Let’s check out the 2017 recreations of some past trends:

1: Lipgloss

Basking in Burgundy: Beauty Reboot

Remember lipgloss in the 90s? Beauty gurus everywhere wouldn’t leave the house without a lip that was shiny and sticky or shiny and frosty! You probably had a drawer full of Lipsmackers (my fav was the clear strawberry one!) and Juicy Tubes. The wet look wasn’t practical- the sticky level was off the chart, your mouth could catch more flies than your windshield! The new lipgloss formulations are shiny and majorly moisturizing. They leave lips feeling luscious without your hair sticking to every square. If you loved your gloss back in the day, you need to try the 2017 update.

 My Fav New Glosses

2: The Metallic Eye

Basking in Burgundy: Beauty Reboot

The metallic eye of yesterday went from lash to brow. It’s not a surprise the blindingly pewter look didn’t go past a crazy night out and quickly died away! Do you remember the Bonnie Bell eye creams? If only primers existed to keep all the metallic goodness from sliding into the crease…. Today’s metallic eye stays put and compliments your eye colour- like this bronze and blue combo. This trend is back and ready to leave the strobe club lights behind and see the fresh air by day!

My Fav New Metallics

3: Press On Nails

Basking in Burgundy: Beauty Reboot

Do you remember the first time you convinced your parents to let you do fake nails? I was 9ish and was convinced press on nails would make me look so grown up- like a teenager! I picked out a yellow pair to match my favourite one size fits all yellow top with a daisy pin (totally Lizzie Mcquire inspired!). The rest of the weekend was spent constantly finding and trying to reattach the nails. Ugh. Definitely not the Hilary Duff nails I had dreamed of.

A while ago I saw my sister who had the most gorgeous manicured fingernails and I couldn’t believe it when she told me they were press on! Needless to say, I hopped right on over to Target to get myself a pair (I got out of Target for under $50 that day!). Upon application, I couldn’t even tell they were there, except for how amazing my nails looked. The new press on nails last through showers and dishes, can opening and don’t bubble off your nail! If you’re looking to shake up your manicure look I highly recommend trying out a pair.

The New Press on Nail

I’d love to hear your experiences with these trends or your favourite 90s trend!

Any #beautyfails or plain old #lols?

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Beauty Edit: Sunscreen Without the Ew

Beauty Edit: Sunscreen

By now, knowing you should wear sunscreen- not just while you’re in the sun but even when basking in the moon’s rays- has been told to you a million and one ways. I get it! Melanoma is scary and dangerous. On the other hand though, don’t you just HATE how sunscreen feels on your skin? I do. So much. I hate it to the point the benefits of wearing it disappear from my mind as I think of the chemical pore clogging formula that will leave me slicker than a slip and slide!

Fortunately, the world of sunscreen has come a long way from my days as running around as the Coppertone baby- sliding right out of my ever-watchful parent’s hands and glowing a shiny white color. I’m sharing four products that I feel are effective while leaving your skin non-slippery, stinky and your pores empty!

1: Alba Botanica Very Emollient Sunscreen

The word emollient gets me every time! According to, emollient means, “having the power of softening or relaxing.” Add in some spf and pure lavender scent and you have a winner! The scent is not overwhelming, just soft and pleasant and no slip and slide to be found upon application! 

2: Supergood Everyday Sunscreen

This product has powerful UV protection that is perfect for daily wear under your makeup. It won’t make you break out or your boss ask who’s going to the beach cause of a strong sunscreen scent. Just make sure to put some on the back of your hand’s so they stay young forever like your un-sun damaged face! (They are always the giveaway….)

3: No-Ad 

I had to throw this one in for the men. My hubby hates “fancy” sunscreen and wants the cheapest most effective products. Enter: No-Ad, they don’t do any advertising so their costs stay low which they then pass on to the customers. This is the most classic formula you can find, but it doesn’t leave behind white streaks. The scent is NOT overbearing- definitely, husband approved.

4: Australian Gold Lotion with Kona Bronzers

I saved my favourite for last! I have been using this product for YEARS now. If you want something with coconutty goodness that isn’t overpowering this is the sunscreen for you! The formula feels light, gives a slight bronze glow, makes you smell like a tropical goddess and keeps the evil sun rays at bay. I highly recommend any product from the Australian Gold line- you really can’t go wrong! Plus, I can use it on my face with no breakouts- LOVE.

What’s your go-to product to beat the aging power of the sun? Let me know which new ones I need to try!

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PS: If you need some summer makeup ideas to wear over your new favourite sunscreen be sure to check out my post: Waterproof x Sweatproof!

3 Deep Conditioners to Fix the Winter Snap

3 deep conditioner treatments to save your hair!

Everyone says summer takes the worst toll on your hair- I’m convinced it’s the winter. The summer sun, salt water, and chlorine give my hair the best volume and tousled look ever! Winter, however, leaves it lifeless, frizzy and straight up broken. In times of serious distress, I turn to these three tried and true deep conditioners to heal my hair. These products will get rid of any and ALL breaking, split ends, and dullness!


My secret to making them work extra hard and to get the BEST results possible is to put them on your hair while it’s DRY. You read that right- do NOT apply them in-shower like the instructions say but cover ever single strand before getting your hair wet. Instead of water filling the cuticle you will be filling it with all the deep conditioner magic! BONUS: Leave it in while you do your chores or chill- the longer the better!

The 3 BEST Deep Conditioners

1: Tony Moly Glow Ring Hair Mask 

This two-step process really is magic- like unicorn hair as the results magic. First, you apply the deep conditioner packet (there is more in the envelope than it looks like!), then cover with the moisturizer infused shower cap. The heat that is trapped by the cap causes the ingredients to really penetrate the hair shaft. Bye bye frizz!

2: L’oreal Extroidenery Oil Conditioner

I have oily hair; finding a good shampoo and conditioner that moisturizes without weighing or leaving a film can be HARD. Last year, Influenster (SIGN UP if you haven’t- it’s the bomb!) sent me the new L’oreal Extroidenery line and I fell in love- especially with the conditioner. It leaves your hair so soft and silky- plus at $3.99 you can’t go wrong!

3: It’s a 10 Hair Mask

I have LOVE It’s a 10 products for years; I use their leave in conditioner every day! This a heavy duty deep conditioner that will seriously reverse the negative effects the winter weather has had on your locks. Again, apply it to dry hair catch up on your social media and Netflix, then rinse to show off your shiny healthy new look!

Do you apply conditioner to dry hair as well? Or do you have a kick ass hair conditioning product?

Sound off below and let me know!


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Going Old-School: Meet the Epilator


Perhaps you remember the term “epilator” from when you were a kid, your mom or grandma had one in their bathroom. I haven’t heard of anyone choosing one of these babies as their hair removal system of choice recently!

When Emjoi reached out to me about trying their eRase epilator which has 60 tweezers that pull out any hairs they come into contact with I immediately said #SIGNMEUP. I’ve talked before about how much I despise shaving so I thought this was the perfect chance to give a different hair removal method a try!

I stopped shaving and fortunately the device was quick to be delivered! It came in a cute little set for all your epilating needs:

I plugged it in and put those 60 tweezers to my week old leg growth, immediately teared up and yelped and promptly set it back on the sink. #NOPE

I knew  if I was going to give you babes a full review, I would have to get through at least one defuzzing session! So I got a glass of wine (or two), set my teeth and did a small section at a time. By the time I was done with that first miserable calf I was #HOOKED.

Epilator Tips

1: Take an Advil or drink some wine before your first time using!

2: Each session hurts less and less!

3: It’s not a one and done, but with continued use you’ll cut down immensely on the amount of time you have to shave or epilate.

I’m still using it a month later, and now the 60 tweezer thought doesn’t bother me at all! I will definitely continue to use it. In fact, despite the initial #NOPE I definitely would recommend trying one of these out.

Have you ever tried one of these? I’d love to know what your go to hair removal method is! Cause we’re girls and talk about weird stuff like this…..

Dear Santa: I made the naughty list, send the coal!

“Fine old Christmas, with the snowy hair and ruddy face, had done his duty that year in the noblest fashion, and had set off his rich gifts of warmth and color with all the heightening contrast of frost and snow.”

-George Elliot

Santa might be coming with presents for all the good little boys and girls but as an adult who values skincare, I’ll take making the naughty list and getting some coal in my stocking! If you haven’t checked out charcoal infused beauty products you are missing out. A natural purifier, coal is excellent at clearing your skin to give you your most blemish free year yet! #THANKSSANTA

If you haven’t checked out charcoal infused beauty products you are missing out. A natural purifier, coal is excellent at clearing your skin to give you your most blemish free year yet! #THANKSSANTA

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1: Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser

Y’all this stuff is warming. It’s the best sensation ever at the end of a long day or first thing in the morning. It leaves your skin feeling cleansed but not dry or tight! I swear after using this for a week my pores practically disappeared.

2: Dr. Bright Mineral Whitening Toothpaste

The detoxifying nature of coal makes it the perfect addition to your toothpaste! It naturally freshens (not just masks!) your breath and the fine texture means it lifts and removes stains for whiter teeth and no harsh chemicals.

3: Beauty Blender

I’m sure you know all about the blending power of the original Beauty Blender sponge, but did you know they make a coal infused one? Coal is a natural antibacterial substance, which means your sponge will stay fresh and clean for longer. Yay for not feeling so badly about not washing it on the regular!

4: LUSH Coalface

I have raved about the #MAGIC of this soap before. I just can’t help it! I credit this coal product for getting rid of my acne and keeping my face clear. If you haven’t checked out LUSH before, I highly recommend their products. I will warn you- this soap does leave your face “tight” so even if you’re battling acne moisturize after!

5: Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge with Charcoal

I recently got turned on to these sponges and I’m never going back. Basically, you wet it and massage your face in circles for cleansing and exfoliation- no cleanser needed! It’s great for moments when you are feeling uber lazy but still need to get your skin cleansed- yet more environmentally friendly than wipes!

Are you on the naughty list and needing some more coal in your life?

I’d love to hear if you use any of these or are wanting to try them out!