3 Tips on How to Layer for Fall


-Alexander Wang

How to Layer for Fall x Basking in Burgundy

I’m sure upon looking at these pictures you’re wondering why they are labeled how to layer for fall. Sure, upon first glance this looks like just another floral dress….

How to Layer for Fall x Basking in Burgundy

The secret to this ready for cooler weather look is:

How to Layer for Fall x Basking in Burgundy

A simple turtleneck is all you need to take any look from summer to fall! It’s the perfect item to add to your closet to maximize the amount of wear you can get out of any look! Read on for three ways to incorporate this piece into your fall look:

How to Layer for Fall x Basking in Burgundy

1: Put it under a dress!

This works on so many levels! For my look the black turtleneck simply makes the strapless dress look like a long sleeved one. This trick works under a short sleeve or tank top dress as well- just choose a complimentary colour turtleneck! For this trick, chose a thinner turtleneck that won’t be bulky under the dress.

How to Layer for Fall x Basking in Burgundy

2: Put it over a dress!

A turtleneck works equally as well over a dress! You can essentially double your wardrobe by turning all your dresses into skirts! A heavier knit turtleneck works better for this how to layer for fall trick, as it won’t show the line of the dress beneath it.

How to Layer for Fall x Basking in Burgundy

3: Layer it with your fav summer top!

Similar to how a turtleneck layers under a dress, you can put one under your fav summer tank and swap your wedges for otk boots for a look that is fall ready!

If your take aways anything from this post it’s how incredibly versatile a turtleneck is- over, under, or on its own it’s the perfect how to layer for fall piece!

What’s your favourite way to transition your wardrobe for fall?

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Fall is coming! Here’s My Summer 2017 Instagram Roundup

With summer rapidly drawing to a close, my heart rejoices knowing pumpkin patches, apple cider and bonfires are just around the corner! Summer is nice and all but I’m a true fall love. To me, fall is the season where everything comes alive- the air is crisp and the scarves are big!

This summer has been absolutely bonkers! It kicked off in Florida and is coming to a close in Washington State. What happened in between? Lots of moving around, visits with friends and one cross country road trip!

Summer 2017: Blogger Babes

Let’s start off the 2017 Instagram Roundup with some of my favourite babes! I was so glad to get to spend some time with my blogging bestie Shell from A Courageous Beauty and my shopping twin Kristen from A Midwestern Mix.  How gorgeous are these ladies? I recommend giving their blogs a check- you won’t regret it!

Blogger Besties

Shopping Besties

Summer 2017: Major Collabs

During all of the cross country road tripping and moving, I also was very privileged to work with some phenomenal companies! Here are two of my fav collabs of the season: Samsung and LIFEWTR (seriously GOOD hydration)!

Basking in Burgundy x LIFEWTR

Basking in Burgundy x LIFEWTR

Summer 2017: Major Moves

Speaking of the moving madness- driving across the country was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, literally! Mr. K and I fell in love with Wyoming and are seriously considering living there post leaving the military life. Of course, all the driving and hotels left a little puppy very sleepy! (BTW these two shots didn’t make the ‘gram, they are just some personal shots I wanted to share).

Basking in Burgundy

Basking in Burgundy Dog

Summer 2017: All Black

Over the past few months of warmness, I also found a rhythm with my style- you wouldn’t believe how living out of a suitcase can change one’s style! I’ve always loved an all black look but really embraced the monotone during Summer 2017.

Basking in Burgundy- Style Blogger

Basking in Burgundy- Style BloggerBasking in Burgundy- Style Blogger

Something else happened during Summer 2017; I stepped away. I didn’t snap my way across America, I didn’t share every amazing meal or boutique coffee shop, I didn’t worry about likes or shares- I spent every moment in the here and now. Which is exactly what I needed. How was your summer 2017?

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Top 3 Ways to Shake Up Your All Black Wardrobe

“Wearing black is a lifestyle.”


Basking in Burgundy

(Disclaimer: This picture is not technically questioning my wardrobe choices, but rather we go caught by rain in the middle of our shoot!)

I swear my wardrobe has every color in the rainbow- except yellow or orange (they make me look like I have jaundice)! However, the only items I find myself wearing are the neutral pieces, especially the black ones. I greatly annoy family and friends when shopping because my catch phrase is:

“I love it. If it was black…..”

My blogging bestie Shell, from A Courageous Beauty, got to listen to that saying a million times while we traipse around Target last weekend! There is just something go to about my dark pieces. They always feel fresh and they always work together- especially when paired with another neutral, like denim. I thought I’d share today the top 3 ways to update the black pieces in your wardrobe and shake up your neutral look!

Basking in Burgundy Style

1: Look to the modern neutrals.

Black, white, gray, khaki. You grew up knowing these as neutral tones. However, for a modern feel look to denim, snakeskin, and olive as neutrals too!

Changing your definition of neutral will push your style to the next level.

Basking in Burgundy Style

2: Texture is key.

The best way to get away with all black everything is to add multiple textures to keep the look from falling flat!

Think lace, leather, denim (both a colour and texture), faux fur, silk.

Basking in Burgundy Style

3: Wear what you truly love.

I could give you all the tips and suggestions in the world! If you don’t absolutely love and feel confident in the piece though, no amount of “advice” will change that.

If you don’t absolutely love and feel confident in the piece though, no amount of “advice” will change that.

If black isn’t your thing, apply #1 and #2 to anything you wear! They are tips that will make your style more refined and give it that je na sais quoi that we all are looking for!

Do you have a go to color? I’d love to hear why it’s your go to! BTW I FINALLY found an amazinggggg dupe of my favorite Rebecca Minkoff tote that is always on my page. Yay! Enjoy your short week babes.

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Faux Fur for the Chill!

“She doesn’t wear fur because she is cold, she wears fur because she is glamorous.”

-Ken Downing

Faux Fur, Paisley, Bell Sleeves and Camo- Oh my!

Faux Fur, Paisley, Bell Sleeves and Camo- Oh my!

Faux Fur, Paisley, Bell Sleeves and Camo- Oh my!

Like my New Years, this outfit is pretty busy! I decided I wanted to put all they style elements I’m digging right now into one look.

However, unlike putting everything into this outfit, I wouldn’t try putting

EVERYTHING into your life!

For me, 2017 is going to be all about saying NO.

Hear me out, life can be so full of everything and anything that it can be #HARD to manage it all and keep your sanity at the same time. So I’m not going to. I’m done with feeling like I always have to do everything. I will not constantly overextend myself, or say yes because I feel I must.

I’m going to spend this year learning what is really important and what does not hold any value in my life.


Faux Fur, Paisley, Bell Sleeves and Camo- Oh my!

Faux Fur, Paisley, Bell Sleeves and Camo- Oh my!

Faux Fur, Paisley, Bell Sleeves and Camo- Oh my!


This outfit might mix camo, paisley, fur and bell sleeves as my favourite style features, but my life is going to hold #GOD, #FAMILY and #GENUINEFRIENDS (you know what I’m talking about….); I’m letting go of:

Societal pressure: With the advent of social media (especially with being a #BLOGGER), there is soooo much pressure from society to make every aspect of your life perfect. I don’t want to spend 2017 pretending mine is!

Pressure of tradition: I do things far to often because that’s how I always have or my family always has. Yes, at times this can be good, at other points, it’s time to throw that shawl off and forge your own path.

Gender pressures: Let’s be honest, as #WOMEN we are expected to do it all and handle it all. I don’t need to do twice as much as any man to show I’m just as good, and I won’t.


Faux Fur, Paisley, Bell Sleeves and Camo- Oh my!


Kisses to each of you and to 2017! Let’s get this year started right, so we can finish it even stronger.




Cozy Sweater Season: The Best Season of All

“Use your smile to change the world,

don’t let the world change your smile.”



I’m going to be so upfront with you. I haven’t been my very happy self the last few weeks. The move from VA to FL right before Thanksgiving was really rough. Between leaving friends and family behind, to heading toward the unseasonably warm (to me!) weather I just haven’t been able to smile as much as normal.


Then yesterday I realized I need to practice what I preach….

I’m always encouraging other women to change their attitude and focus on the positive in any situation. I laid out three steps to remind myself of the good in my current circumstance! I’m a HUGE fan of lists and notes, so I wrote this list in my little notepad I carry everywhere as an action plan to repeat when I’m feeling down.


1: Remove yourself.

The first thing I need to do when I’m feeling down or overwhelmed is to remove myself from the situation. I need to step back and focus on why I feel the way I do to figure out a solution, rather than drowning myself in work or something that will only on exaggerate the way I feel. I was focused on thinking the issue was stress from moving when it was really just I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere. PRAY.

2: Talk.

Once I discover the stem of what’s wrong, I will seek out a trusted friend to confide in and open up my heart to. Having someone as a sounding board can be such a help! I do go to therapy once a week as well- opening up and talking has made such a difference with my anxiety and depression. Closing off doesn’t help anything! I’m so thankful for support system that keeps me sane! PRAY.

3: Do something for you.

Sometimes you really just need a moment to do something you enjoy. I might not be happy about the warm fall weather in FL but I do LOVE the beach- taking a walk on the beach is a way to embrace the change in a positive way! PRAY.


What do you do when you are feeling down? I would love to hear how you handle big life changes!

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