Fall Isn’t Coming……

Cause I’m pretty sure it’s already here! The air is “bending and snapping” better than Elle Woods in all her  pink glory. While I love the crispness, bubblegum pink isn’t my colour of choice for fall wear. I always do love a good floral though!


The first thing the initials MCM brought to your mind was Man Crush Monday? Right? The Monday part is right, but I’m talking about: Milk Carton Missing

The Way I See What They Saw

Like most of the blogosphere I’m not a big shot who designers are dying to get photographed at their show- or in the case of most bloggers wearing their clothes as entering and leaving the show, or just prancing around the city in general. So needless…

Repeat Repeat Repeat

Do you ever realize you have a tendency to buy the same 4 items with slight variations? I’m like that with black blouses, nude lip glosses, and matte red lipsticks- probably one or two other things too.

The Peter Pan Pose

I am all about alliteration! ppp and mmm. Back to it: The Peter Pan Pose, yes the word “The” must be capitalized, that’s how official it is; the pose in all it’s cocky crowing glory started about ten years ago, somehow becoming ‘my thing’ when…

How High Can You Go?

Seriously- every year boots get taller and taller, I don’t know how room my legs have left for them! I do love a great pair of otkb though. These ones make me feel like a super heroine. Cause what else would you feel like in…

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made Of

Guys. These items. Definitely dream worthy. Isabel Marant makes fashion magic with pretty much every and any item she designs. These boots are no exception.