Guys, can we geek out?

I mean geek out as in discuss Star Wars for a moment- Star Wars in a fashion sense. I don’t just mean when Rodarte did their Star Wars collection for Fall 2014:

Born Free

As free as the wind blows…. I have to say the sweatshirt helps this dress from going full Marilyn Monroe on me; always a positive thing when pieces of clothing are friends and help each other out.

When in doubt, put it on your head!

Who doesn’t love a voluminous midi? Especially when paired with a sweater which leaves no waist to talk about. Which is okey dokey in this case, you can create a waist by putting your hands in the POCKETS.

Getting Awkward Ms. Hepburn

How much do you love the new ankle length pants and skirts? They manage to cut you off at the most strange place and I think it’s fantastic. If you take a gander at Audrey Hepburn; on her they are the chicest possible look:  Golly gee!…

Dress Down to Dress In

I loved this family. I mean LOVED. Pshh who didn’t have that 90’s crush on JTT? And these Friends? Who didn’t want to be them? Insert: NORMCORE Which is where we are all supposed to dress like the childhood version we remember of our parents- plain,…

Ruffle Butts

Who doesn’t want a shirt that covers your butt in ruffles and makes you wanna waddle around? Cause that’s what this shirt makes me wanna do. Waddle waddle waddle.

Repeat Redo Rerun Replay Echoooooooooooo

I heard a myth once that Anna Del Russo never wears the same outfit twice. Myth and not rumor cause come on, it’s the legendary Anna Del Russo! The woman can make watermelon look freaking delectable- and I’m not talking about when you eat it.