Christmas List Time- Lust Edition

Christmas Lust List
Everyone has something they wish for at Christmas time! I put together my top Christmas wishes for 2015 and had to share them with you. This Christmas list is just a dream, but isn’t dreaming such a beautiful part of life?
1: Poster
I’m a huge Star Wars nerd. Harrison Ford is my absolute favourite. This is a signed Han Solo poster, which would look pretty awesome hanging up on my bedroom wall. (I haven’t had a poster up in years, now might be a good time to start again.) Definitely at the top of my Christmas List. 
2: Purse
The Celine luggage tote became one of the most IT bags ever soon after launching. I just know this bag would have a happy home in my closet and would mesh amazingly with my wardrobe. They’d be bffs!
3: Book
I have an ever growing collection of J. M. Barries’ Peter Pan. I grew up loving this book, and it’s such an intricate part of my inner soul. I couldn’t even imagine being able to hold a first edition copy of the tale, much less owning one. The colours would look lovely with my home decor, this piece would take center stage for sure.
4: Boots
Stuart Weitzman Highland boots are the ultimate in thigh high fashion. These leather lovelies would quickly become a go to piece in my day to day wardrobe rotation. With buttery soft leather how could they not?
5: Necklace
This Tiffanys’ diamond necklace would bring out the sparkles in my eyes for sure. Need I say more? I love the simple design, and practical style (for a $30,000 necklace). I can find no reason why it shouldn’t be worn everyday.
6: Wrap
The Olsen sisters’ of The Row created this beautiful cashmere cocoon. I definitely need one of these to cozy up in during the chilly winter ahead. It would look amazing with the Weitzman boots and Celine for sure!
7: Travel
I have been blessed to be able to travel to some beautiful locations throughout the world and dream of returning to this one the most: Chania, Crete. While there I visited the pictured beach where the waters are even bluer than the picture shows! Sitting here, closing my eyes I can feel the hot sun and salty breeze. Another vacation to the Mediterranean definitely deserves a spot on this lust list!
What would be on your ultimate Christmas Lust List?
Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 5.40.46 PM


    • Kait Elizabeth
      December 3, 2015 / 12:14 am

      Aren’t they amazing?? You can just see how buttery the leather is! Hugs, Kait

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