CSH: Denim, Jeans, How Wide Can You Go?

In this session of Cultural Sock Hop we will discuss the denim pant styles that are back in vogue for the Fall 2015 season. Whoa. That sounded hella stuffy. What I mean is- let’s look at how your ass will look like 1999 again.

1: Wide Legged Jeans. I never hopped on the JNCO train, but I am digging the modern update (it’s a great look for a five foot flat gal too, they make me look super short)!



2: Flaresssssss for days. My favourite ones had inserts with navy blue embroidered flowers, today I love my black ones.



3: Last but not least: bootcut.

Then: low cut and short.

Now: Sleek, lifting, and elongating.

Which jean trend is your closet regurgitating right now? Any you’re tempted to try? People keep claiming the skinny is dead, but I feel some things never die- I don’t think they will ever leave me closet despite the flares and wide leg crops I keep adding.

-Kait Elizabeth

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