CSH: Give ’em All Lip!

While I do believe in the old adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” I’m not very good at keep my mouth shut- especially when it comes to saying something smartass. Like life, it just happens- that’s something that will never change. Trends may change, but they alwaysssss come around again.

Dark lipstick of the 90’s has hit our puckers again.

Drew Barrymore really was one of the goddess’ of the 90’s beauty trends, wasnt’ she?

This time around the look is a little more matte, a little less pale vampire (we’re still recovering from being horrified that Twilight happened), but just as gorgeous!

You’ve seen the pics. I dig this. As soon as the calendar threatens fall is remotely around the corner I immediately start plastering my lips. Or you know, anytime I feel like it. Beauty has no boundaries people.

-Kait Elizabeth

This is my fav everyday go too- Media by MAC.

Pictured Urban Decay beauty is named “1993”. How spot on. It’s also super sold out. Hit me up if you find it!

You can’t not love this for the tube itself.

You know you need more lippies in your life. We all do, even though we buy the same exact shade every single time. It happens.

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