CSH: Tendrils

(Just in case y’all forgot cause it’s been ages (yeah, I’m that blogger…..) since one of these happened: CSH=Cultural Sock Hop, a trend that keeps dancing back into the fashion/style world.)

Everyone in the 90’s was doing the Heyyyyyyyyy Macarena and sporting tendrils, even those who were rocking out the grunge movement (they were just hiding the dancing in the bedroom, seriously everyone did the tendril look- any and all style genres).

From short baby ones:

To super fizzy ones:

To super long (THE haircut of the 90s!):

And of course the Queen of the Runways “badass, no one could rock them like this, perfect textbook 90’s, tendrils”:

kate moss tendrils

Guess what though???? They’re backkkkkkkk. First the 80’s rolled around, now the 90’s. Pull out the crimpers and leave those face framers hanging!

Do a lot:

Or super thick:

Or wispy:

So much inspiration. So many pieces of hair to choose from. So old school. So updated. So do it.

-Kait Elizabeth

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