CSH: The Fall and Rise of Scrunchies




Are you cringing at that word?

After years of being on the no no lists scrunchies are having a rebirth; let’s look at some of it’s fantastic moments in the limelight- back when scrunchies were the bomb digity.

Sara Jessica Parker wore them in even before Carrie took them to a new level! ( You can’t make a scrunchie much more crazy than by wrapping it around your whole body! Don’t believe me? TRY. IT. I dare you.)

sjp scrunchie

sjp body scrunchie

What about the glamorous ladies of The Row?

Scrunchies with bows! I could see them trying this look now, but never again in white- black or nothing for the Olsen gals.

No longer for just 90’s celebs in the past; all sorts of fabrics are taking over the runway hair as of late.

2014 pre-fall Rag and Bone:

Chanel did scrunchies in their iconic tweed for the Fall runway as well:

The best part: super easy cheat to double the size of your top knot (don’t fool yourself, you know that’s your lazy day 3 of no washing go to). Plus, unlike some “snag free” hair ties, these voluminous accessories don’t eat your hair right off your scalp.

The question is- are you ready to let the scrunchie back into your life? (If so, click on the ones below to shop!) Or were you too burned by the “Do Not” lists? (If so, don’t keep reading! Run away now!!!!!!!)

-Kait Elizabeth

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