CSH: Tongues

Society today judges. Everything. Celebrities size. Their dogs size. Your clothes. Their clothes. Who eats what. When you eat. Who said. She said. They said. Words all around.

Worst dressed, best dressed,blah blah blah dress type lists have been around forever- seriously, even Cleopatra checked Woman’s Wear Daily (although at the time it was printed in hieroglyphics, the lesser known ancestor of the emoji)!

However, may it be marked society has given us a new subject to focus upon and judge:

 How Long Is Your Tongue

What say you?

First, there was Jim Carey (who it must be said is not the most endowed by length).

However, it was really Miley Cyrus who brought new unheard of length to tongues everywhere.

Did it stop there? Of course not! Instead a young Brit, a Miss Delevingne, surprised all with not only length, but a vivid color as well; giving you more reason to fret about you inept tongue.

Sigh. Just when you thought you were happy with who you are.

Don’t worry there’s hope.

This guy wins society’s games. He can hunt with his tongue! Take that dose of humbleness.

 PS: He not only wins society’s games, but if the Zombie apocolypse happens his tongue is faster than you can run, so he wins the Zombie war too. Well played little lizard, well played indeed.

-Kait Elizabeth

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