Don’t be a Halloweenie!

Since the beginning of October, the internet had been saturated like an old dish sponge with articles like “10 Best Halloween Costumes”, “Top 5 Costumes of 2014”, and all other possible combinations of a number, adjective, and the words ‘Halloween Costume’ (in no particular order, of course).

Every party you go to you will find: Nicki ala Anaconda, Piper- or any of the OITNB** cast, probably at least one Kardashian, and maybe a sexed up version of one of your favorite childhood candies.

Of course, don’t forget the ol’ standbys- Breakfast at Tiffany’s for anyone with a LBD***, cat for anyone with leggings and a headband, and the school girl for that old plaid mini in the veryyyyy back of your closet.

Don’t fall for the been there done that, for the trends of the year- you don’t jump on the bus day to day so why on Halloween? Just dig a little deeper. For instance- instead of this Holly Golightly look:

Wear pjs all night with this one instead (you know you have as many white blouses as LBDs in your closet)! You don’t even have to brush your hair. Win.

Orange might be the new black on our tv screens, but let’s face it black and white isn’t going anywhere.

Do this with your duck face and Breton stripes for a chic jailhouse look. Why not try an updated jail look that is more real life than Netflix (even if it does seem like Netflix is your whole life some nights…. I don’t judge.)?

How about Amanda Bynes? Again, no hair brush required!

Or Lindsay Lohan? Lots of choices when you go with this Mean Girl.

I think the most important thing to note here: just don’t brush your hair and you’ll have the perfect modern Halloween costume.

-Kait Elizabeth

** OITNB- Orange Is The New Black (Netflix show- not an Anna Wintour fall color decree!)

***LBD- Little Black Dress- the go with everything do all!

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