Dress Down to Dress In

I loved this family. I mean LOVED. Pshh who didn’t have that 90’s crush on JTT?

And these Friends? Who didn’t want to be them?


Which is where we are all supposed to dress like the childhood version we remember of our parents- plain, normal, unassuming. One person tried being a 90’s tv character for a day, and then another, and everyone knows three repeats make a trend. Main stream? Let’s all point fingers toward GAP with their new advertising campaign- Dress Normal.

SOMETHING IS AWRY. Forget classic paired down (GAP I’m looking at you and your campaign!), I want downright normal. I mean normal normal normal. At this point I figure so many people going to Walmart can’t be wrong, right?

Check out the monochrome, the sheer white draped pants, the on trend pastels; the Coach ss2015 models even had the same hair color.

Welcome to normcore, people.

Insert: Anna Wintour reaction. (I bet even she loves JTT though!)

-Kait Elizabeth

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