Happening Now: Empowerment, Bitcoin, Marijuana, and Ulta

I love following what’s happening now.

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Here are some of the top stories I’ve read about recently.



1: Milly Bobby Brown + Empowerment (Refinery 29)



If you don’t know who Milly Bobby Brown is Google her now! Despite only being 13 she is way more confident and put together than most women triple her age. The actress’ break out role of Eleven in Stranger Things required that she shave her head; here’s what she said on Instagram about that moment:

“The day I shaved my head was the most empowering moment of my whole life. The last strand of hair cut off was the moment my whole face was on show and I couldn’t hide behind my hair like I used to. The only image I had in my head about what I could possibly look like is Charlize Theron in Madmax. As I looked at myself and couldn’t see my old self, I realized that now; I have a job to do and that is to inspire other girls that your image or exterior part is not what I think is important. What I find important is caring, loving and inspiring other girls. Thought to share my thoughts during this life changing moment. ?” – Milly Bobby Brown


What have you done recently to take a risk and find your moment of empowerment? Try something that scares you, that challenges you, that lets you find personal freedom.


2: Bitcoin VS Marijuana (FORTUNE and The Motley Fool)



If you’ve been following the news at all you’ve seen the tumultuous life of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Regret not jumping on that train sooner? Don’t.

Bitcoin is out. Blockchain is in.

FOOR if you are looking to make an even smarter investment NOW is the time to look into companies working with marijuana. Canadian companies like Canopy Growth, MedReleaf, and Aurora Cannabis are on the stock market and 2018 is looking like their year.  You might have missed out on Bitcoin but with these stocks you might have a chance on the next big thing!

3: ULTA + Used Makeup (Business Insider)



A former ULTA employee has accused the store of selling used makeup that has been returned. You’re going to want to read this one for yourself! Ummm bacteria alert?!?!?! All the more reason for me to stick with Sephora!


Are there any news stories that are catching your eye? Have you read about these ones? Let me know!

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