Getting Awkward Ms. Hepburn

How much do you love the new ankle length pants and skirts? They manage to cut you off at the most strange place and I think it’s fantastic. If you take a gander at Audrey Hepburn; on her they are the chicest possible look: 

Golly gee! Even being ridiculous she’s the most divine being. Have you ever seen such a simple look with menswear loafers pulled off better than peanut butter and jelly together?

Knowing I could never be as lovely as her, I figured I’d go ahead and make them truly awkward length by adding width.


Don’t let them fool you. These pants are really pajamas in disguise. They are phenomenally comfy; I’m talking able to do squats or leap like a ballerina, or , you know, not want to rip them off by 11 am. 


I did have to add a little Audrey on top; any time you can add Breakfast at Tiffany’s to your life DO IT.

Of course though, spicing things up like a 4 year old with a back pack purse is never a bad idea; hands free purses are the best. There are wayyyy too many things to be constantly doing with your hands instead of holding a purse!


IMG_0147 IMG_0146

You know you need more awkward in your life.

Pants: Asos 

Top: Zara

Backpack: Picked up on Crete, I like this!

Shoes: Similar (On SALE)

Lipstick: MAC

-Kait Elizabeth

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