Glitter, and Sequins, and Sparkles…. OH MY

I feel as if December should be renamed to one of those three- glitter, sequin, or sparkle. All of the sudden the store floors are covered in fairy dust lightly falling like snow from the dresses, and tanks, and clutches, and shoes.

We turn into magpies thinking of the parties over the coming weeks, and fill our arms with the glittery bounty, then gleefully skip to the fitting room.

Go ahead take a gander at these stars-

You can’t go wrong with sequins, animal print, velvet, satin, studs, and pearls!!! Normally, I would say pick one or two of these and casual it down with a pair of denim (or go all Coco Chanel and take off one accessory before leaving your home), but Christmas and New Years are grab bags for your closet- wear it ’em all at once!

-Kait Elizabeth

PS: Just remember glitter and sparkles with haunt you far into the New Year, like ghosts of holidays past- make sure everything is well attached to the fabric or face underneath.

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