Guys, can we geek out?

I mean geek out as in discuss Star Wars for a moment- Star Wars in a fashion sense. I don’t just mean when Rodarte did their Star Wars collection for Fall 2014:

Or Preen‘s in the same season:

I mean the way more overarching influence- not just screen printing.

Rodarte SS 2015 reminds me an awful lot of Padme Amidala (YES, I’M A GEEK and know these things- trust me, the pictures will back me up!):

Andddd the flowy dresses of DELPOZO reminisced another Queen Amidala cotume:

I haven’t totally lost my marbles yet.

-Kait Elizabeth

PS: If you fell in love with the DELPOZO dresses but they are a bit out of your price range, check this one from Pixie Market.

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