Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

That was a poor pun, for which I am sorry, another things I am very sorry for (not sorry to you, but sorry to myself)? I mentioned it at the end of my last post- messing with my hair. The thought process in my head went:

“Oh medium blonde boxed dye??”

“I should put this on my hair and it will blend my roots and ends.”

(The process looked kinda crazy like above pic, normal but somehow creepy.)

The conversation in my head did not proceed as smoothly when enacted. Heaven knows why I convinced myself (even though I WAS HAPPY wish my hair) to do it….. retrospect is killer.

Day 1: It looked great, evened out and shiny.

Day 2: Something was a little off…..

Day 3: ORANGE ROOTS and GREEN ENDS (Like an oompa loompa birthed my hair….)

Andddddd I just moved recently, so no speed dial ready, trustworthy, loving hairstylist to fix my poor life choices. Sigh.

Then SHE entered my life.

3 processes later my hair is headed (no pun intended) in the right direction.

I have to wait 10 days for the finishing touches.

I think there is hope though. Cross your fingers for me.

-Kait Elizabeth

PS: What’s your worst beauty mistake? I won’t even go on about the time I tried blue hair and my neck/back/ass were blue for months following. Alcohol wipes, people; they are your friends.

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