Happening Now: Kate Middleton, KKW, Target and the Superbowl

Let’s be honest, the big news story of the week wasn’t that North and South Korean women are playing on the same hockey team for the Olympics.

The news item heard round the world was Kylie Jenner giving birth.

Here are a couple other news stories I enjoyed reading: LFW Kate Middleton Basking in Burgundy

Duchess Kate Middleton + London Fashion Week

Here is the fashion event of #LFW that would be a DREAM to be invited to. The Duchess has been asked by the Queen to host a fashion reception at Buckingham Palace! *swoon* The reception is in light of “the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange’s mission is to create partnerships between established and emerging talent from across the 52 member countries.” What a wonderful cause with the perfect host!

Perfume Target KKW

Kim Kardashian West vs. Target

KKW hasn’t started a feud with everyone’s favorite store/daytrip/datenight/destination Target! Newsflash: KKW and Target both launched new perfume lines this week. So do you want to add your new scent to your next grab it all Target trip OR try a scent that hopefully gives some clues to Kardashian level success? Btw Target is marketing their’s for $25, KKW will cost you $30. Superbowl Commercials Basking in Burgundy

Best of the Superbowl

I’m not a football person. I don’t even like to watch the game for the commercials. However, I do love watching them post game! This year, my fav was the commercial for Alexa. Seriously made me giggle!


What news stories did you enjoy reading this week? Send them my way!

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  1. February 14, 2018 / 3:11 am

    Omg!! This event sounds so fun, I would have loved to be there.

    • February 15, 2018 / 9:57 pm

      It would have been the event of a lifetime!

  2. Shelby Back
    February 13, 2018 / 12:39 pm

    loved reading up on the latest happenings!


  3. February 12, 2018 / 5:15 pm

    Going to the Kate Middleton event would be an absolute dream!! I watched the Superbowl but wasn’t too impressed or focused on it since I had my hands full with my son!

    xo, Laura

    • February 12, 2018 / 7:03 pm

      It really would be! Being with your son sounds WAY more important than any ball game!!!!

  4. Liz
    February 12, 2018 / 12:43 pm

    Okay I would die to go to the Kate Middleton event. Ugh! love her!


    • February 12, 2018 / 3:42 pm

      That would be a dream come true moment!

  5. February 11, 2018 / 9:44 pm

    Haha I was watching the Superbowl for Justin Timberlake. The commercials this year were interesting to say the least! My favorite was the Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman one!

  6. Nataly
    February 11, 2018 / 5:09 pm

    I really loved the Super Bowl this year, especially the half time show. I kept hoping that he would bring N’SYNC would come out!

    • February 11, 2018 / 10:59 pm

      I think that every 90’s girl was waiting with baited breath for that!!!! *le sigh* Next time!

  7. February 10, 2018 / 8:12 pm

    I honestly loved the Superbowl. It was the first year I seriously got into the game, so the party I was at was just that much more fun! I hope you enjoyed the commercials as much as I did!

    • February 10, 2018 / 10:05 pm

      They were so much fun to watch! Glad to hear you had a good time. Hugs!

  8. February 10, 2018 / 12:16 pm

    Great post! I have heard great thing about Target’s new perfume line.

    • February 10, 2018 / 10:03 pm

      Me too! I cant’ wait to check them out next time I’m in town!

  9. February 10, 2018 / 6:08 am

    I love to know what’s happening now, thanks for sharing!

  10. February 10, 2018 / 5:18 am

    There were so many things going on in the media! Loved reading this fun post!

    cute & little

  11. February 10, 2018 / 12:07 am

    I love the Kate Middleton LFW news too! I need to read more about it!


  12. February 10, 2018 / 12:06 am

    I love the Kate Middleton LFW news too! I need to read to read more about it!


  13. February 9, 2018 / 8:25 pm

    Haha, I have to smile, only because I barely watch or know what’s going on in the media! My home is filled with kids and we are watching Paw Patrol or PJ Mask ??

    • February 10, 2018 / 10:06 pm

      Hahah this reminds me of my nannying days. Those theme songs stick with you foreverrrrrr.

  14. February 9, 2018 / 6:24 pm

    Such a fun post to read! Never check any type of news, so loved reading this!!
    xo, Lydia

  15. Anna English
    February 9, 2018 / 6:10 pm

    Between the super bowl, JTs performance, This is US and Jimmy Fallon, Sunday night was a late one.

  16. February 9, 2018 / 4:02 pm

    Such a refreshing post! The only reason I watched the Superbowl was because Justin performed and because I was waiting for This Is Us to start.

    Belle | http://www.OneAwesomeMomma.com

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