Hoard or Minimalize

Some people are clothing hoarders like Carrie Bradshaw- an outfit for any occasion, clothes that are years and years old.  (Although you probably don’t have the amazing closet space she does!)

Then there are the minimalist- those who have 5 tops, 5 pants, 5 pairs of shoes, ect . (Not five particularly, but you catch my drift!)

There are a million and one articles praising both sizes of closet. Which do you have? Not gonna lie, I’d love to be a minimalist with a few pieces I always desire to wear. I envy people who can be that organized in their life. Pish posh. Who am I fooling? I’ll never be that person. I love having any and every style available so I can dress according to my mood (which is different every freaking day! Plus you never know when a theme party will pop up!). Somedays I’m a hippie, others an old cat lady, and on others I actually dress my age. I know I’m not alone in this.

I may not be a minimalist, but I do try to keep everything organized- even if it does look like my clothes are exploding all over my closet- it’s organized in my own unique way.

I understand the owning quality pieces which will last forever, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t fill up the extra space with pieces that may be expendable but make you feel good about yourself.

Here’s a perfect minimalist investment piece:

Here’s a perfectly fun piece which you can rock a million ways:

Basically it comes down to fill your closet with the things that make you happy! Dress for you, not for the style world.

-Kait Elizabeth

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