Holiday Cheese

Actually, just one of them. It’s a Christmas doozy. I’m positive I’m not the only one who has this seasonal guilty pleasure.

Cheesy Christmas Movies

If Hallmark, ABC Family, or Lifetime has produced a Christmas movie I guarantee I have seen it, and probably more than one time.

Ready for a rundown of my top five tear jerking, saccharine, happy endings galore movies??

a boyfriend for christmas

A Boyfriend for Christmas. This is one of those “meet as kids, go through bad relationships, meet again as adults.” IT’S FANTASTIC. Don’t judge me- I’ve been known to watch this one mid-summer as a pick me up when I’m feeling sad.

A princess for christmas

A Princess for Christmas. Can you just see the chemistry in this picture??? It’s lovely and just wonderful throughout the whole film. Plot #5 in the grand scheme of chick flicks- finding out one has rich grumpy old relatives, and then bringing them the magic of Christmas to melt their icy souls.


Snowglobe. You can’t get must more cheesy than this one. ABC Family, and Christina Milan. You can’t beat the combo, especially with the in and out accents and overbearing Italian mother.

I'll be home for chrismas I’ll Be Home For Christmas. THAT FACE. What 90’s gal still doesn’t have a crush on JTT?? It comes back every time I watch this movie. It’s such a classic. Plus how cute is Jessica Biel in this? (Also love the Porsche as a throwback to his Home Improvement days!)

christmas lodge

Christmas Lodge. Another of the childhood friends get back together as adults.

I can’t help but smile just thinking about these movies. I think I’ll go watch one now! I only have a couple more days to legitimately watch them without people judging me.

-Kait Elizabeth

PS: Excepting the first one these are in no particular order!!!

PSS: Oh! This one is too cute as well. Who doesn’t love Mario Lopez??!!!!

holiday in handcuffs

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