I’m an Old Lady…… like OLDDDDDDDD OLD

I’m going to be honest and confess.

I had no idea about the word “fleek”* till it was over…….

Or the word “bae”*, and I just found out about “squad”.

I should be really proud of myself for avoiding them, or feel like my pop culture skills are seriously lacking! I’m on the fence about this one. It’s one of those fences with spikes and all cause the fact I didn’t know just makes me feel old and out of touch. Boo. So instead of trying to keep up on the words the cool cats are using these days, I’m going to move on to new ones (or back??)**:

  • bae- Babe without a “b”. Let’s redo Dad, take away a “d”, and you get da (technically an old word for father).
  • squad: This is kinda (just kinda) cool. Let’s be more creative though- like battalion or force or legion or brigade. “This is Stephanie, she’s totes part of my legion.” (I feel a lot younger now.)
  • fleek- Who the heck even knows how that happened?! (If you do know, don’t tell me. Please. You’ll only make me fell way older.) I’m going to chose a random word to mean something else now- bell: as in, “This place is so bell; I can’t hear a thing!”

I’m glad I confessed and I don’t have to pretend to know what people are talking about. From now on just assume I don’t know any current slang. Cause I’m either lame like or just have too many outdated ones floating in my head. Like dope. Let’s please start saying dope again! You know you missed it.

-Kait Elizabeth

*My computer doesn’t recognize these as English words. So many red underlines.

**I’m not responsible for ANYTHING that could happen to you for using my new vocab list, including but not limited to: people being confused and unable to conversate with you, laughter pointed your general direction, general feelins of uneasiness ect.***

***On the other hand try it out. Stranger things have gone viral.

And as an added bonus for reading all this, here is some pretty red shopping:

I love the mixed fabric and patterns for Fall here. This may or may not be on the way to my house right now.

If you like following seasonal trends here’s your boot for Fall 2015- the shape, the heel, the colour.

Technically it’s not red. However, if you mix some blue in with red you get purple! Hence these cute little candle holders.

It might look pink, but I cheated by sneaking in purple already, I promise this is red! I love the curved shape of the sleeves btw.

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