Inspirational Quotes: Volume #10

I can’t believe this is #10 of the Inspirational Quote series!

I love sitting down every week and prepping these images to share.

I’d love to do a week of user suggest quotes! Do you have one you’d like to see? If so let me know below or send it to me via the contact form or a message on Instagram.

My favorite quote this week was:

“It’s always the simple that produces the marvelous.”

-Arthur Rubenstien

Girl, I cant’ even begin to tell you how often I over complicate things….. I’m always having to remind myself to k.i.s.s.

Keep. It. Simple. Sweetheart.

How much less stress would we feel in life if we stopped trying to overcomplicate everything? If instead of compounding issues we let them go? I’ve been working hard on keeping it simple. This quote is hanging in my cloffice to remind me the simple solution can have the best results!

Arthur Rubinstien Basking in Burgundy


Elenor Roosevelt Basking in Burgundy


Thomas Edison Basking in Burgundy


Andy Warhol Basking in Burgundy


1 Corinthians 13:13 Basking in Burgundy


Albert Einstein Basking in Burgundy


Happy Palm Sunday gorgeous! Have a beautiful week filled with love and hope.


Basking in Burgundy Signature




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