It Takes All Kinds

Have you ever talked to someone only to turn to your companion (who is hopefully equally as amused and confused by the convo as you are) and said, “it takes all kinds”? The world goes around and around and around (dizzy yet?) moved by the cuckoo, the boring, the straight laced, the talkers, the shallow, the who even knows. It really does take all kinds.

Imagine for a moment the same world made of denim. That’s right: denim. I’m sure if I put any effort into looking I could find a youtube video bringing a denim world to life, however, such a thing would be slightly creepy which deters me from exerting aforementioned effort. If such a thing were to exist let me introduce you to the thespians of the denim world:

The Classic

Relaxed, with a casual knowledge of everything, The Classic gets along well just as well with heels as with loafers- plays fair and nicely with all, an all around just good soul.

The Skinny

This ex rock and roller has left behind it’s party days for a life which slides all too easily into irony. Today it’s companions are more luxe cashmere and suede, just don’t let it’s clingy pal plaid get too close or The Skinny might as well be drinking a $10 latte while discussing the band it knew before bands were cool.

The Boyfriend

Any way you slice or dice it, The Boyfriend is here to stay- whether cuffed and tucked, or loose and low, I guarantee these babies work harder than your ex boyfriend ever did. They work hard, and play just as hard!

The Flare

Just when this old hippie thought it’s heyday had been had, peace and love started flowing again as freely as a river of denim from your knees. The Flare loves everyone, but wants to be on a pedestal so makes any kind of heel it’s bff.

While these four rule the Mean Girl clique of the denim world, don’t forget to check out the odd ball table (btw click all images to shop- you know you love online shopping!).

-Kait Elizabeth

PS: You know how every editorial ever has the top 5 jeans you need? Or the only pair of denim that fits your shape? Poppycock. Buy whatever jeans you like and keep as many pairs as you want!

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