It’s 90 Degrees and I Need a Parka…..

Because Fall is coming (layersssssss are coming back and I neeeeeeeed them), and for the reason anywhere and everywhere you go has Arctic blast (sound like a mint) air conditioning and I get frigid the second I step indoors. Hence, I carry a sweater or scarf or parka or a blanket anywhere and everywhere.


I look like an old with how I’m holding this purse. I should be more aware of that, but hey the handbag is being held and that’s the whole point. Parkas also work to cover insanity! See the left side picture: craziness. The right hand: some semblance of normalness.


It’s only a semblance- not total normalcy. You can’t hide crazy. Guys, this shirt feels like a super hero cape with how it’s cut on the sides- I love how it shows a little bit of side, but not too much when paired with uber popular high waisted shorts. (Not only do I carry my purse like a grandma, my butt and crotch mimic an old lady in these!)



2015-08-30 16.02.42 (1)

20150830_140138_012-1-1 (1)

20150830_140136-1 (1)

Traditional boring blogger style pictures. Everyone needs to pose like this once or twice in life. There’s more below.

20150830_135808_012_01-1-01 (1)



I normally don’t say this but the last is my favourite picture of the series.

Btw: These shoes blend my two favourite shoe styles right now- mid heel, and lace up.

-Kait Elizabeth

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Shirt: Finders Keepers; not identical but I loveeee the side drape detail

Jacket: The Loft; similar

Shorts: Zara; similar

Purse: Zara

Shoes: Zaraaaaaaaaaa; similar

PS: A plastic purse sounds horrible, but I get compliments on this one all the time! With two pouches inside nothing shows, and it adds an element of difference. Also sooooo much Zara in my life. I like what I like peeps.

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