I know, I know- I’ve been promising and leading up to this moment for a while on Instagram and Twitter. THE moment is here though. First order of business:

Hey hey hey.

take one

How you doing?

I hope the answer to this ultra stereotypical query is rainbows and unicorns and Prada and all happy things; cause let me tell you- post fashion month life is flipping fantastic- full of new images to digest and spit out and redigest (like a cow! Ok…. I did not mean to make fashion sound so filthy and gross.)

So now I’m finally here and letting you in on what the hell I’ve been putting together, allow me introduce you to some of the ridiculous coming.

Expect faces like this:

take two wave

And when I have true words of wisdom- or the weirdest of jokes which only I might get but I still feel the need to vomit into the world this:

typical wise words

Are you prepared?



There might be some style, beauty, culture, all around nonsense. Well not might, definitely- there definitely will be.

Let’s do this.

-Kait Elizabeth

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