I was happily reading my way through the vast content of information to be found on the web, when suddenly I beheld a word which threw me for a loop (not a tiny bow loop, but a massive roller coaster loop)!


So off to Urban Dictionary I took my confused little self. Only to learn the meaning of “groufit” is:

“an all grey outfit, typically worn by someone who is miserable, has no fashion sense, or has given up on life and wants the world to know. Most commonly, groufits consist of grey, oversized baggy sweatshirts and sweatpants.”

First: What happened to the word “monochrome”? Has it gone the same route as “self portrait”? Is everything being combined? “Selfie”, “groufit”. May one say “poutfit”- is that purple or pink, does it make you pout or sad as well? Besides who doesn’t love an “oversized grey sweatshirt”! Especially when you look this chic:

Second: Does there really need to be a second at this point? Let’s just make up more words!

spepic- spectacular and epic

mancessories- men you take places as an accessory


PS: Check this craziness out yourself:


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