Love With All You Have and Live Offline

When was the last time you went offline?

Truly deeply disconnected. That’s where I have been the past few months- perhaps even that past year.

Guess what?

It’s been very nice. My focus for 2017 was on the people next to me- spending quality time in the present. In doing so, everything online just fell to the side.

The best part?

The world didn’t implode, explode or anything of the sort.

In fact, being offline was refreshing and renewing; it gave me freedom- no worrying about posting times. Instead, I was able to focus on discovering what makes me tick. Here’s some things I loved doing during my time offline:


I did mention my cross-country road trip in one of my few 2017 posts, but I went on many other trips this year. Two of my favs? Whistler, Canada and Winthrop, WA.

2: Skiing.

I learned how to ski! I absolutely fell in love with it. Then I literally fell and have been on crutches for the past month and half- btw it’s hard to constantly have a phone in one’s hand while simultaneously using crutches to walk….

3: Cuddles.

There are so many jokes about Instagram hubbies. (Did you see this video yet?!) Instead of asking for pictures or likes, I’ve been focused on cuddles and convo. Especially because he’s about to leave on a deployment!

4: Game nights.

I’ve discovered food is my love language! I LOVE hosting our friends and feeding them.


Ya’ll I can’t even begin to tell how you amazing saying this feels- I faced so many challenges to get that piece of paper and I overcame them, it’s such a powerful feeling.

I’m ready to be back online though. I’ve learned valuable lessons and cemented what comes first in my life. I’m ready to be online. I’m ready to embrace the unknown in 2018.

Do you think being offline is a luxury? Would not being online change your life in any way?

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PS: If you know anyone hiring someone in Communications/PR/Marketing let me know! I’m in the job market.

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