Make Mine Maroon Makeup Monday

Lamest title ever, but there are five m’s in there! That has to be a record; sometimes so much alliteration definitely beats out boring. You know what’s even less boring than alliteration: makeup! I haven’t done this before here, but I want to share some of my favourite makeup items with ya’ll.

1: MASCARA. I think every woman loves a good mascara.

I’m a strong proponent of every one loving themselves, and learning to embrace there faults. A little secret: I have hated my nose for years, throughout my teens I yearned for a nose job- however, with age comes acceptance though, and now I know it’s part of what makes me myself. However as much as I have hated my nose, I love my blue eyes and this Urban Decay mascara is perfect for making them pop!

Perversion is an inky black, with a big fluffy brush that leaves your lashes long, plump, and non-crunchy. I’ve been using it since it’s release and I’m still loving it.

2: Laura Mercier Silk Creme.

I have the world’s oiliest skin, by midday you can see your reflection in it, clearer than in a mirror even. This foundation is the only one that stays in place (Even without adding a primer!!!!!! What black magic is this??), evens out my skin tone, and covers imperfections all without looking heavy and chalky- or by disappearing midday.

3: Lipsticksssssss.

I love any and all dark red lippies. Mac ones in particular. I’ve been rocking this one almost every day:

Mac lipsticks are the only ones that seem to last forever for me! They have intense colour payoff, and great non-drying matte or silk finishes.

4: Soap

I lied, I’m not only sharing makeup in this post. I have to share some other beauty products I love. As I mentioned earlier my skin is uber oily; this soap is the only one that keeps me from breaking out and feels like it cleans my skin without making it feel like the Sahara.

Don’t fear the scary staining sound of coal! No stains are left behind from this soap. Btw this Lush soap is organic, cleansing, detoxifying, and has little grains of coal for exfoliation.

5: More soap!

This is going to seem like a very lame product in the midst of all the Sephora, Ulta, and other fancy products out there, but I love a great clean smelling body soap. You can’t get much more simple and classic than Ivory.

It lathers up, giving it super satisfying bubble coverage, leaves you feeling clean and moisturized, and has a clean fresh scent! It doesn’t get much more easy and lovely than that.

-Kait Elizabeth

PS: As always, click the pics to shop!

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