My Gal Friday: Julianna

Dear Lovely Readers,

My Gal Friday is formulated to introduce you to new bloggers who I love- not only for their style, but also for the beautiful souls they have! Up this week:

I want you to meet Julianna of Blush&Camo!

How stinkin’ cute is she? And wearing my favourite colour too!

Julianna has great weekly posts about her personal style, style advice, and fantastic hair tutorials. As you know I’m a lazy topknot styler, I wish I had half her talent when it comes to doing my hair- not to mention gorgeous long waves like she has!

I came across one of her photos on Instagram some time ago and her asthetic caught my eye instantly! What impressed me even more than her gorgeous smile is that she graduated from West Point and is an Army Officer. How bad ass is that?

I think there is a certain view in society of military women, and Julianna is blowing that stereotype away. Julianna is so much more than a gorgeous face, or a women with great style- she is incredibly smart, witty, and has the kindest heart.

When I asked Julianna if I could feature her today, she whole heartedly agreed and shared three super random facts about herself!

  1. She has a little sister who looks just like her- to the point of being twins! (My sister and I were the same- till she grew six inches taller than me!)
  2. Julianna has at least two cups of coffee a day. (That’s probably better than my fifty million cups of tea a day….)
  3. She always wears delicate gold bands on each of her middle fingers. (Yay for the Army allowing some personal style!)

I highly highly recommend checking out Blush&Camo for more of Julianna’s beautiful smile and her adventures. Also check out her Instagram: @julianna_claire

-Kait Elizabeth


  1. October 9, 2015 / 1:59 pm

    Thank you so much gorgeous for these kind words! I was near tears because your blog post is so sweet:). I love how the blogging community lifts other women up and supports them, because there is nothing more powerful than that! I’m sending tons of love your way today, beauty and I hope you have an amazing FriYAY!

    xx Julianna

    • October 9, 2015 / 2:13 pm

      I wasn’t trying to make you cry!!!! I’m glad you enjoyed it though. I completely agree, it’s absolutely wonderful and empowering. The support you get here transfers throughout your life and I love being part of it!

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