No Makeup or Makeup No

The no makeup look rocked the runway during Spring and Fall runways in the past year (or years, oh repetition!)- from Mcgrath to Charlotte taking on the matte and nude tones.

Marc Jacobs took it farther by having his models wear absolutely nothing at all. No makeup that is………

Of course, bloggers and magazines have been BLOWING up with advice on how to tame the wild and daring look. I figured I should offer my two cents. There are two ways to do it:

VERSION 1: Wearing Makeup To Look Like You Aren’t

Step 1: Put on your makeup like you normally do. (I bet on a normally day you don’t do anything extreme.)

Step 2: Wear chapstick to let your normal lip colour show and keep your lips kissable soft.

VERSION 2: Not Wearing Makeup

Step 1: Get out of bed. (This really should be the first step of everything in you do in life. I’m guessing you already know that, most days at least.)

Step 2: Do nothing.*

Guys, welcome to the new makeup world.

If you wanna look French, wear some red lipstick.

If you want to look springy, wear a coral blush.

If you want to look happy, smile.

If you want to look sad, put some eye drops in.

-Kait Elizabeth

*You could probably still wear some chapstick to keep your lips kissable soft in case your day churns in a romantic comedy or something.

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