Number Everything

How many lists have you read in the past three weeks? Top ten this, top 15 that, top 5 in the world, in the universe, you can’t live without!

Are you sick of them yet?

I debated writing a top 5 lists that are over listed; the thought made me kinda sick and I couldn’t go through with it- or maybe a list about why lists are over done.

Every year at the newest part of the year the internet and world explode with these lists. Are you sick of them yet? I know I am. Which means I should write a list of top ten overdone things….. or not. There’s a lot of irony here: I read an article of the top ten reasons why you shouldn’t binge watch tv with your significant other…. the very next article was the top ten shows to binge watch with your significant other. What is the world coming to?

Am I the only on who doesn’t get it?

-Kait Elizabeth

PS: Here’s the only list I’m gonna be interested in- my wants shopping list!

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