How many blogs are on the internet? How many do you read? How many do you write?

There are so many it’s really not even worth it to write one, in all honesty.

Let’s cut out all the self help, cooking, political, life style, book clubs, nerd stuff, and just talk about style. There are probably about 20 bazillion of people writing blogs at this point. Some are clever, some are droll, some are updated all the time, and others once a month. That’s a lot of sameness.

So why write one?

Sometimes I go, “shit, I should’ve jumped on this in the early 2000’s, before the web got oversaturated.” I didn’t though.

So why now?

I guarantee you’ve gotten so wrapped up in life you’ve forgotten about you (probably me and my blog too!). I sure have/do.

I thought I’d add one more thing to my busy schedule, and to the sameness of the internet- write a blog. You know what? It’s made me pretty happy.

Give it a try. Do you something for you today. Even if it just means eating an extra piece for chocolate….. or kale.

-Kait Elizabeth

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