Snow is Magical….

Until it prevents you from going somewhere…. or it gets your boots sloppy wet……… or it’s sitting in the gutter black and grimy. Hey though, it’s the beginning of the winter season (actual season wise; not clothing wise, those season’s move so much faster)- so…


It  seems to me everyday (ok, that’s an exaggeration- at least once a week though!) a collaboration between designers or designers and stores is announced. Let’s take a look at the several (and I’m talking about super random ones- and in no particular order, just…

Sales Sales Sales

It used to be Black Friday was the best shopping day of the year. So many sales, so little time. Now though, companies run their sales the week before, the week after- cyber Monday people. You know you’re going to check out the stores and…

CSH: Then and Now

Let’s visit some of your favorite teenage wardrobe pieces. Guess what? They got chic.

Style for the Birds

Word is out from Gap: their “Dress Normal” campaign was a tad bit too normal and they are now having to discount their big idea. Who wants to spend their hard earned money on boring? There is a reason the industry exists, and let me say- boring…

No Makeup or Makeup No

The no makeup look rocked the runway during Spring and Fall runways in the past year (or years, oh repetition!)- from Mcgrath to Charlotte taking on the matte and nude tones.

Lipstick and Hemlines Debunked

Two trends have long been linked to the economy- hemlines and lipstick. Bad economy- longer hemlines, more lipstick; good economy- vice versa. Folks. Sometimes old adages don’t hold true; look at the recent runways- lipstick and no lipstick, hemlines long and short!