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Lipstick and Hemlines Debunked

Two trends have long been linked to the economy- hemlines and lipstick. Bad economy- longer hemlines, more lipstick; good economy- vice versa. Folks. Sometimes old adages don’t hold true; look at the recent runways- lipstick and no lipstick, hemlines long and short!

Buy the Dusty Shoes

You know how everybody wears the same five items from the same five stores? Don’t pretend you haven’t had it happen to you. You find a piece you think is unique, then a week after you get it the fashion blogoverse is blowing up with…

Time Makes The Best Of Everything

Wine. Age that bottle. Cheese. Let that sucker sit a while. Cotton tshirts. Spin that cycle again to downy softness. Leather. Beat it up for a few years.

An American in Paris?

Oh America. The Great Melting Pot. Country of anything and everything. One can be that anything and do those everythings. So the American style world goes: “Let’s be Parisian.”

Don’t be a Halloweenie!

Since the beginning of October, the internet had been saturated like an old dish sponge with articles like “10 Best Halloween Costumes”, “Top 5 Costumes of 2014”, and all other possible combinations of a number, adjective, and the words ‘Halloween Costume’ (in no particular order, of…

Time To Wrap Up

Favorite thing about fall? Getting to wear blankets around my neck- I don’t go for thin or wimpy scarves, I want a twin size or above blanket to keep me warm.

It Takes All Kinds

Have you ever talked to someone only to turn to your companion (who is hopefully equally as amused and confused by the convo as you are) and said, “it takes all kinds”? The world goes around and around and around (dizzy yet?) moved by the…