Kait Elizabeth’s Shopping Picks

Dress Down to Dress In

I loved this family. I mean LOVED. Pshh who didn’t have that 90’s crush on JTT? And these Friends? Who didn’t want to be them? Insert: NORMCORE Which is where we are all supposed to dress like the childhood version we remember of our parents- plain,…

The Magic of Three

You know how they say things come in 3s? Good or bad, 3 is the magic key. Right now things are moving the world around in 3s (in the good way, not the people becoming ghosts way). Example 1: Kate Middleton is preggers again. More…

CSH: Tongues

Society today judges. Everything. Celebrities size. Their dogs size. Your clothes. Their clothes. Who eats what. When you eat. Who said. She said. They said. Words all around. Worst dressed, best dressed,blah blah blah dress type lists have been around forever- seriously, even Cleopatra checked…


I feel the need to explain my self imposed acronym. CSH is a post you’ll see every so often here. Guess what it means?? Nope. You’re wrong. No way.

Ruffle Butts

Who doesn’t want a shirt that covers your butt in ruffles and makes you wanna waddle around? Cause that’s what this shirt makes me wanna do. Waddle waddle waddle.

5 or 6 Sizes Too Small

I’m not talking about those times you order a dress from a Chinese wholesaler and it’s made for a child, not a full grown woman- I’m talking about pant pockets. Do you remember in the early 2000’s when the smaller the phone the cooler it…


I was happily reading my way through the vast content of information to be found on the web, when suddenly I beheld a word which threw me for a loop (not a tiny bow loop, but a massive roller coaster loop)!