Kait Elizabeth’s Shopping Picks

Inspirational Quotes : Volume #3

My favourite from this week’s set of inspirational quotes is: “The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer up someone else.” -Mark Twain Which one do you relate to the most?  

This Season : Living With Intention

I’m not a New Year’s resolution person- I have never been. I have realized recently though, that if I want to accomplish anything in my life I need to start setting goals and milestones to get there. The media always talks about the “word of…

Inspirational Quotes : Volume #2

Random fact: I change my phone background every week based upon what I need help with that week. Seeing an inspirational quote every time I look at my phone can make a HUGE difference every time I peek at it. What is your phone background?

Shopping Saturday: Pacific Northwest Coats

Everyone thinks it rains 24/7, 365 in the Pacific Northwest! If you live here or have visited you know that’s not true- we also get brutal wind storms. Pacific Northwest coats have to be practical for the weather, yet who wants to look like a…

Happening Now: Empowerment, Bitcoin, Marijuana, and Ulta

I love following what’s happening now. Politics, science, pop culture, media, shopping, decor, music, anything and everything! Here are some of the top stories I’ve read about recently.    

Casual Day with ABLE : Local + Global

“When women support each other, incredible things happen.” -Unknown It’s no secret that I LOVE clothes. As I get older though, I’m starting to be more aware of where my clothing is coming from and ensuring the items are quality pieces I can wear for years…

Love With All You Have and Live Offline

When was the last time you went offline? Truly deeply disconnected. That’s where I have been the past few months- perhaps even that past year. Guess what? It’s been very nice. My focus for 2017 was on the people next to me- spending quality time…