Repeat Redo Rerun Replay Echoooooooooooo

I heard a myth once that Anna Del Russo never wears the same outfit twice. Myth and not rumor cause come on, it’s the legendary Anna Del Russo! The woman can make watermelon look freaking delectable- and I’m not talking about when you eat it.

Dude not only can she pull off fruit hats better than the Chiquita banana gal, but she shows up wearing designers new wares- not days later but as soon as the models take them off after the show. Remember Jeremy Scott for Moschino?

Not everyone has has the fortitude to rip clothes off models, or the fortitude to shop for something new everyday (let’s just ignore how quickly Asos and shopbop ship right now……..).

This yada yada yada about Del Russo leads to the question: How do you feel about repeats, redos, reruns, replays? Me, myself, and I will find the most essentially me outfit and wear it everyday, but then people start wrinkling their noses at me. People really don’t like when you wear the same thing all the time….. wait…… maybe it’s cause I start to smell stale or something.

Outfit Repeating Pros and Cons


CONS: Stale smells and wrinkled noses.

It all comes down to which one makes more sense in your day to day life…. or you know make like Anna to the nearest model whose clothes you can steal off her back.

-Kait Elizabeth

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