Sales Sales Sales

It used to be Black Friday was the best shopping day of the year. So many sales, so little time. Now though, companies run their sales the week before, the week after- cyber Monday people. You know you’re going to check out the stores and the web.

The key word there was “used”. These days Black Friday isn’t necessarily the best day to shop. Stores run promos and sales on sales all the time- weekly. Stock moves so quickly that when you like something you can wait two weeks and get it at least 30% off. Of course, with modern email you can find out which sales are playing out when- down to surprise hourly sales. Expect your inbox to blow up over the next couple weeks.

I’ve had my little eye on these pieces for a while. I’m waiting- sale galore will be this weekend- and thereafter.

-Kait Elizabeth

PS: Soooooo much black.

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