Sharing is Caring Folks

That’s the one thing we take with us from preschool- the other is don’t talk to strangers. Then we grow up we learn those adages aren’t really true- there’s a lot you don’t want to share in life, and we spend all of adulthood talking to strangers. Gee so much for teaching life skills from a young age.

Here are a few things I’d love to share today though! The four year old in me still believe it’s caring… except when it comes to germs, flu season is coming- keep those babies to yourself!!!!

I’ve been sharing some of my favourite blogs and little tidbits of info about their lovely writers, which inspired me to share a few tidbits of my own. You already know I like style (duh!), and, if you follow me on Instagram, tea. So here are three random favs I have to share:

  1. Cuddling with my puppy!

Look at that face!!! How could you not want to cuddle it?

This is how we look most mornings.

2. Sleeping.

I have two magical talents: pattern mixing, and sleeping for ridiculous amounts of time. If I was a dwarf I’d be Sleepy for sure.

3. Eating.

Maybe that whole category can’t be a favourite? I’m the one writing so it can be though. I’ll narrow it down a little- oysters and pastries, not at the same time but a lot of both will never not make me happy.

Ok, I’m gonna go eat and then take a nap with my puppy.

-Kait Elizabeth

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