Should, Shouldn’t, Could, Couldn’t. Let’s do, don’t declensions.

I should be…..

  • outside. Cause it’s freaking gorgeous.
  • writing. Cause no one likes a remittent blogger.
  • calling my Grandma. Cause they all love phone calls.

I shouldn’t be…..

  • ordering a this purse. But it’s my colour and Rebecca Minkoff!
  • brushing my wet hair in the shower. But it’s a wet/dry brush!
  • starting sentences with cause and but. But sometimes shit happens.

I could be…..

  • swimming: my new jam.
  • watching cheesy tv shows: happy brain free time

  • reading: my constant jam.

I couldn’t…..

  • find enough time in life, even if I tried.
  • eat enough pastries, even though I keep trying.
  • be happier with my recently redecorated pad.

Let’s skip the do’s/ dont’s list: I read too many of those this week already. As for declensions, I might be the only person who enjoyed those after grammar school so let’s skip those too.

Peace out.

-Kait Elizabeth

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