Spandexless Heroes

Did you ever have a super style hero you looked up to? Or maybe a whole team of them, a little from him and a little from her- this site, that site, a photo here, and another here, design, designer, designee.

Let’s take a trip back in time.

To your very first style muse, the one who sparked whatever is was that led you to loving clothes or beauty, which led you down another road, and another, and eventually dropped you on my doorstep. Kerplop!

Meet Stacy London aka my spandexless hero. I bet the only reason she ever wore spandex was in her second grade play when she had to dress as a reindeer; jk, she has never worn any artificial materials- she has only ever touched it to throw it on ground on the classic TLC style show What Not To Wear.

She can magic pizza toe shoe wearing witches into sleek pencil skirted beauties, trashy disco queens into modern princesses, denim onesie bad gals into booted kick ass bitches. As a tender pre-pre teen I begged my mother for pencil skirts, and silky blouses, for a gray streak that would make me as awesome as the fan-freaking-tastic London, needless to say, all requests were denied.

Her smart mouth, her brutal honestly, the shopping, the makeup, the hair all of it made me love her and her job. You know what? I loved how people felt after their transformations even more. She has the ability to make people feel as if they are on cloud 15 (she’s that spectacular!!!), beautiful, and able to accomplish anything. This caused to me admire her as much as anyone has ever looked up to a flying superhero (perhaps even more- have you seen those high heels she wears? She’s a far way up there.)!

Now I have to know.

Who’s your spandexless hero?

-Kait Elizabeth

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