Style for the Birds

Word is out from Gap: their “Dress Normal” campaign was a tad bit too normal and they are now having to discount their big idea. Who wants to spend their hard earned money on boring? There is a reason the industry exists, and let me say- boring is not drawing folks in.

Peacocks have their feathers, like rappers have their chains, and minks their furs, and street stylers their fashions- tutus, hats, heels, arm parties, the list goes on and on.

Any street style post you’ve read (and there are potentially millions of those at this point…..) you’ve seen some pretty intense pieces I’m sure, we all have. (Even better when they are all layered!)

Their peacock feathers are inspirational. It’s the crazy crazies of the fashion world that keep it spinning; these days it’s not all about those who create the out of Wonderland runway shows, the gout defying shoes, the senseless purses. It’s about the ones who wear those things days to day- on the normal, everyday, new and old streets of the world.

As many peacocks spread their feathers for all to photograph, there are just as many sparrows flying low- those who might find GAPs campaign still boring, but who don’t want to pop and reflect the sun for all to see, those who prefer a neutral tone.

Question: What do sparrows and peacocks have in common? Vibrancy obviously not.

Answer: A bird is a bird. Feathers. You need more feathers in your life. Bam. Actually just keep shaking up your colors (be they drab or fab) with texture and shape.

-Kait Elizabeth


  1. AJ Jenae
    November 4, 2014 / 4:14 pm

    Love this post

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