Fall Isn’t Coming……

Cause I’m pretty sure it’s already here! The air is “bending and snapping” better than Elle Woods in all her  pink glory. While I love the crispness, bubblegum pink isn’t my colour of choice for fall wear. I always do love a good floral though!

The Peter Pan Pose

I am all about alliteration! ppp and mmm. Back to it: The Peter Pan Pose, yes the word “The” must be capitalized, that’s how official it is; the pose in all it’s cocky crowing glory started about ten years ago, somehow becoming ‘my thing’ when…

Equipment Makes a Difference

I used my new cam today, and didn’t have to edit pictures, and didn’t have to bribe anyone to take them simply cause my tripod was my helper. It was fun. Also I’m digging being a brunette- and rocking the man-ish bun.

Chunky Tulle

You ever have those days you can’t figure out what to wear for the life of you? When that happens to me I just have to remember kiss- keep it simple stupid. Simple meaning chunky sweater, sparkly shoes, and ballerina skirt. Does it get much…

‘Tis the Party Season

How many Christmas parties have you attended so far? I’m up to 3 day on the weekends alone. It’s a lot. A lot of fun that is. I get to wear all the sparkles in my closet!  For this afternoon ritzy house party I got…

CSH: Getting Dressed

I remember when I was a kid I despised wearing jeans with a passion- they were wayyyyyy too uncomfortable and miserable and I couldn’t curl up into a small ball while reading when I wore them.

CSH: Then and Now

Let’s visit some of your favorite teenage wardrobe pieces. Guess what? They got chic.