The Magic of Three

You know how they say things come in 3s? Good or bad, 3 is the magic key. Right now things are moving the world around in 3s (in the good way, not the people becoming ghosts way).

Example 1:

Kate Middleton is preggers again. More old time royalty for the world (I’d say let’s talk about her hair here, but really the internet is already vomiting it all over the place).

Example 2:

Kim K is preggers again as well. More new Hollywood royalty (we’re not going to even talk about Kanye here).

Siblings for the old and new.

I’d say the third is the most exciting! Not a second child, sibling, extra kid, spoiled youngster, or whatever. Hell no. This third is a brand spankin’ new first kiddo.

Example 3:

This time the proud parents are:

The Celine SS2013 fuzzy heel mated with the Chanel SS2014 sock heel (how many shoe lovers would love to see that version of coitus??).

We welcome to the world, during the SS2015 Rochas collection, the love recent love child of the fashion world:

A slightly sleeker heel with the best qualities of both parents! What a beautiful newborn; good things do come in magic sets of 3.

-Kait Elizabeth

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