The Way I See What They Saw

Like most of the blogosphere I’m not a big shot who designers are dying to get photographed at their show- or in the case of most bloggers wearing their clothes as entering and leaving the show, or just prancing around the city in general. So needless to say I did not receive and fancy invites that included hard hat.

cf in hard hat

(How does she look so flipping fantastic in everything??????)

I’m, like a lot of folks around here, did consume my fair amount of fashion porn over the last two weeks in NYC and London via my trusty internet connection and friendly macbook. Which means it’s time to battle the favourite shows of each week against each other!  (Favourite meaning the one’s I saw blow up the most on the interwebs.)

First up: New York, New York.

In one corner the architectural Rosie Assoulin:

use this rosie 2

use this rosie 3

use this rosie 4

Guys do you see what those models are in???? A drained swimming pool. Does it get much better than that for a runway? That’s like every little kids dream- to run around an empty pool to see what it’s like. Those models loved it. Not to mention the shapes and draping of the gowns. Stunning as always.

Her challenger: Zimmerman.

use this zimmerman1

use this zimmerman 2

use this zimmerman 4

Romantic, lacy, boho, dream, slightly Lolita. I have to say I loveeee the dress length cause it really works for us petite ones.

Winner: TIE. I can’t choose between stunning wearable ruffles and mini lace dresses. Anna Wintour might say something else but she’s not here. Is she?

I lie. She’s kinda the type you just see popping up randomly everywhere.

Anyways, let’s cross the pond!

Destination London:

mary 3

mary 2

mary 1

Mary Katrantzou’s shows are always amazing. Her clothes have so much dimension, and this just looked uber trippy on the runway.

burberry 1


burberry 3

Prorsum Burberry. Traditional for the house. Performed accompanied by a large orchestra in pretty glass walled setting.

Compared to Katrantzou I thought Burberry was mild and calm. I like the clothe by Mary against the flipping awesome background.

Winner: Mary Katrantzou. (You totally saw that one coming!)

Now we wait for Milan to wrap and Paris to start.

Do you think I’m totally off base and crazy? Did I miss anything uber important? If I did tell me. I won’t think any differently of you. Promise.

-Kait Elizabeth

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